iOS App Icon Book is on Kickstarter: a must-have for app and Apple fans

Do you always love the design of the small, colorful icons of apps? Then the iOS App Icon Book is made for you. It contains hundreds of app icons that have appeared (and disappeared) in the App Store over the past ten years.

iOS App Icon Book for the Apple Enthusiast

The App Store is over ten years old and countless apps have appeared in that time. Of course, each of these apps has its own icon and look. Some applications are now so popular that almost everyone recognizes them immediately.

The iOS App Icon Book is an ode to these small, colorful square blocks. It contains hundreds of different apps. Some can still be found in the App Store, but there are also plenty that have since been forgotten.

iOS App Icon Book is on Kickstarter: a must-have for app and Apple fans

Old and new ‘icons’ from the App Store

For example, remember the Twitter app Birdfeed? Or Pastebot for iPhone? In this way, the iOS App Icon Book wants to prevent the beautiful design of icons from disappearing for good. Of course not all icons are in the book, but creator Michael Flarup has tried to make the collection as interesting as possible.

The book also discusses the design of the icons and lets different developers have their say. This gives you an impression of what is involved in the design of a ‘simple’ icon.

App Design

Now available on Kickstarter

The book has already reached its goal of 10,000 euros on the first day. Until December 9, you can still get a book via the Kickstarter website for 60 euros. There is an additional 29 euros for shipping to the Netherlands.

Early birds could obtain the book for 50 euros (without shipping), but that option is no longer available. It is still possible to buy several books at the same time. You then pay 120 euros for two books, with 39 euros in shipping costs.

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  • iOS App Icon Book is on Kickstarter: a must-have for app and Apple fans

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