iPad mini 7 gets new OLED screen (but there is also bad news)

Apple is working on the iPad mini 7 and the tablet will reportedly have a new OLED screen. Unfortunately, this also has a major disadvantage.

Apple is working on iPad mini 7

Apple released the iPad mini 6 in 2021, so it’s high time for a new generation. According to rumors, Apple is finally working on a new version of the small tablet. It is expected that the iPad mini 7 will receive a major update, especially under the hood. While the iPad mini 6 runs on the A15 Bionic chip, the new generation will probably use the A16 Bionic or A17 Bionic chip.

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In addition, the iPad mini 7 will reportedly have an improved camera. Currently it is still a 12-megapixel camera, but the next generation of the tablet will probably have a 48-megapixel camera. That’s not all, because according to rumors the next iPad mini will have a completely new screen. Apple plans to switch to an OLED display with the iPad mini 7. That is a significant improvement, as the iPad mini 6 still has to make do with an LCD screen.

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New OLED screen on the iPad mini 7

Apple introduced an OLED screen for the first time with the iPad Pro 2024. According to new rumors, the iPad mini is Apple’s next tablet with OLED, which brings several advantages. OLED is much more energy efficient, has nicer colors and better contrast than LCD screens. Samsung has reportedly now produced the first samples of the 8-inch OLED screens for the iPad mini 7.

Samsung already manufactures the OLED screens for the iPad Pro 2024, so it is little surprise that the first tests are being carried out at Samsung Display for the new screen of the iPad mini 7. The screen of the next iPad mini will therefore be a lot better . It is also quite possible that the size will be adjusted, with rumors predicting that the screen will go from 8.3 inches to 8.7 inches. A small change, which is probably the result of thinner screen edges.

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Disadvantage of the new screen

Unfortunately, the new OLED screen also has a disadvantage, because the release of the iPad mini 7 has reportedly been postponed again. While the iPad mini was previously expected at the end of 2023, this has now been pushed back to the end of 2024. The new OLED screen will probably ensure that the tablet will appear even later, because there is now talk of a release in 2026. That year, Apple will release the OLED screen probably also comes to the iPad Air.

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We can’t expect the first iPad mini with an OLED display for another two years. It is hoped that Apple will release a new generation of the small tablet in the meantime. The iPad mini 7 would still be released this year or early next year. We won’t see the iPad mini 8 until 2026, in which case with an OLED display. However, this remains to be seen, especially because Apple has released the iPad mini irregularly in recent years. Don’t want to wait that long for the next iPad mini? View the best prices here, so you never pay too much!

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