iPadOS 17.5 shows how good (or bad) your iPad’s battery still is

The iPad does not have an option to check the battery. This way you never know whether the battery needs to be replaced. But that will (hopefully) change.

iPadOS 17.5 shows how good your iPad’s battery still is

Both the iPhone and the Mac have an option to check the battery status. Unfortunately, that option is hard to find on the iPad. You have no built-in way to check the extended status of the battery.

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You can then use a program like CoconutBattery 3, but you need a Mac for that and that is quite cumbersome. Fortunately, according to rumors, iOS 17.5 will make it a lot easier to check. The first beta of iOS 17.5 contains several references to a kind of battery menu for the iPad. In this menu you can check, among other things, the maximum capacity of the battery or the number of charging cycles.

It is striking that the battery menu is not visible on a regular iPad with the iPadOS 17.5 beta. This may mean that the menu will only appear on the new iPad Pro, iPad Air and future iPads. These new iPads are rumored to be released sometime in May.

By the way, Apple has been showing battery information on iPhones for years. But the number of cycles can only be seen on the iPhone 15 models.

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Battery in the iPad: this is what you need to know

The battery in the iPad does not last forever. According to Apple, you can charge the iPad about 1,000 times before it drops below the 80 percent (maximum capacity) limit and actually needs to be replaced. Does the battery run out faster? Then you have to sound the alarm, because then it becomes work for the warranty. Apple gives you a standard one-year warranty.

But do you have AppleCare+? Then you can even have your battery replaced for free for two years (if it falls below 80 percent). Is the battery of your iPad out of warranty? Then you can also have the battery replaced by Apple, but this will come with a price tag. The exact price depends on which model of iPad you have.

Do you want to know what Apple will cost you to replace the battery in your iPad? You can find that on the repair and service page for the iPadunder the heading ‘Request an estimate’.

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