iPhone 13 Pro loses camera test to much cheaper smartphone

The iPhone 13 Pro has not fared well in YouTuber’s annual blind camera test SMEHD. The aircraft flew out in the second round. The winner was a much cheaper smartphone.

iPhone 13 Pro scores poorly in camera test

The concept of the blind camera test is very simple: 16 smartphones take exactly the same photo and are placed opposite each other in duos. Through social media, people determine their favorite without knowing which photo belongs to which phone. The device with the most votes advances to the next round. Then the process starts again, until there is a winner.

iPhones traditionally do poorly in this test. In fact, no Apple smartphone ever managed to survive the first round. The iPhone 13 Pro succeeded: the device defeated the Motorola Edge. After that, however, the fun was quickly over.

In the second round, the iPhone 13 Pro lost to the much cheaper Google Pixel 5a. That device had already won in the first round against its more expensive brother, the Google Pixel 6 Pro. The Pixel 5a would eventually even win the camera test, by taking the OnePlus 9 Pro defeat.

Take the results with a grain of salt

It’s always fun to check out MKBHD’s camera test, but you can safely take the results with a grain of salt. As the YouTuber himself emphasizes, people generally opt for warm colors and the brightest photo. That doesn’t necessarily say anything about its quality. Smartphones that score well in this test often have a fairly aggressive HDR function, which is intended to make photos pop off your screen.

Apple usually opts for a more neutral look. This puts the iPhone 13 Pro at a disadvantage during this camera test. People usually determine very quickly and by feeling which photo they prefer.

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