iPhone 14 Pro: shortages could reach 6 million devices

The iPhone 14 Pro is no longer available for the holidays in many countries and the shortages are now increasing even more. How could it get so out of hand?

iPhone 14 Pro production problems in Zhengzhou

The main problem at the moment is the lockdown in Zhengzhou. The main iPhone factory is located in this large Chinese city, but production has been hampered in recent months by the local corona measures. Due to the lockdown, production was forced to be reduced.

The situation has now become even worse, with employees of the factory revolting after being forced to stay in the factory. The violent uprising has caused about 20,000 employees to leave the factory. This has slowed down production even more.

iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro shortages reach 6 million devices

The latest production reports show that production in November was about a third lower than planned. This sharply reduced production will most likely lead to a shortage of 6 million iPhone 14 Pro (Max) devices.

It is still unclear when these shortages will be made up again, especially now that the chaos in Zhengzhou has unexpectedly become even worse. Foxconn, the employer of the employees in the iPhone factory, is trying to keep employees with high bonuses in the factory. It remains to be seen whether production will be fully resumed at the beginning of 2023.

MacBook production is also jeopardized by protests

Not only are protests against the extremely strict corona policy increasing in Zhengzou, there is also increasing resistance in Shanghai. The protests are brutally suppressed, but the patience of the Chinese population seems to be running out.

Most MacBooks are produced in Shanghai. This production is also endangered by the protests and disturbances in the city. It is not yet clear how big the impact of the unrest will be on MacBook production, but it is hoped that this will not get out of hand and shortages will arise, as with the iPhone 14 Pro production.

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