iPhone 15 release near – shows up in Indian database

The official release of the next iPhone is now very close. The iPhone 15 has been spotted in an Indian database.

iPhone 15 release near: shows up in Indian database

Less than a month before the official announcement, the iPhone 15 appears in a large database. This also happened with the iPhone 14, when a model of the iPhone from 2022 was spotted in the database of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). This is the official body that monitors compliance with product requirements and standards in India. The 2022 iPhone had model number A2882 and was later revealed to be the iPhone 14.

iPhone 15 release near – shows up in Indian database

So now another iPhone has turned up in the BIS database, this time with the model number A3094. The models of the iPhone 14 have the numbers A2649, A2884, A2883 and A2882. At the moment there is no Apple device with the number A3094. Every year the model numbers of new iPhones are a bit higher, which is why we probably now have the release of the iPhone 15.

iPhone 15 production started in India

The news site Bloomberg has previously said that production of the iPhone 15 has already started in India. This is the first time a new iPhone model has been made outside of China before the announcement. So you can be pretty sure that this is the same model as the iPhone that turned up in the database.

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When new Apple devices show up in these kinds of databases, it means that the release (this time of the iPhone 15) is really coming. According to usually reliable Apple connoisseur Mark Gurman, Apple plans to announce the iPhone 15 on Tuesday, September 12.

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