iPhone 16 will have a much thinner camera island: this is what it looks like

According to rumors, the iPhone 16 will have a new camera island, which is much thinner. New images now reveal that new design!

iPhone 16 gets a modified design

It was already clear that Apple is working on a new design for the iPhone 16. Earlier this week, the first schematic drawings were leaked, with the camera island in particular standing out. With the iPhone 16, Apple opts for two lenses that are placed directly below each other. The iPhone 15 actually has a camera island with diagonally placed lenses.

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Sketches of this were already shared on X, but MacRumors has now had them drawn out. This gives us a much better idea of ​​the new design of the iPhone 16. According to these drawings, the camera island of the iPhone 16 is not only arranged vertically, but also much thinner. Here’s a look at what the new design of the next iPhone will likely look like:

iphone 16 lenses

Camera island much thinner on the iPhone 16

With the iPhone 16, the two lenses are placed one below the other again. The design is reminiscent of the iPhone X, where Apple placed two cameras in this way for the first time. The camera island of the iPhone 16 only runs around the two lenses. According to rumors, the flash will remain in the same place as on the iPhone 15, but will no longer be included in the camera island. This will make the island a lot more compact on the next iPhone.

Apple is probably making the changes to the iPhone 16 to record spatial videos for the Apple Vision Pro. This function is currently limited to the iPhone 15 Pro (Max), this is not possible with the regular iPhone 15 (Plus). That has to do with the way the videos are recorded. This becomes possible by placing the lenses directly underneath each other in the camera island.

iphone 16 camera island

This is when the iPhone 16 will appear

Apple is therefore adjusting the design of the camera island on the iPhone 16. This means that for the first time in a long time you will see a clear difference with older generations of iPhones. Other changes expected with the iPhone 16 (Plus) include the introduction of the action button, with the iPhone 16 Pro (Max) we even see a completely new Capture button. Read more about the functions of that new button here.

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With the iPhone 16 Pro (Max), the camera island remains unchanged, because that phone has three lenses. We still have to wait a while for the next iPhone, because it won’t be released until September. Fortunately, we already know what the new design of the iPhone 16 is, Apple will probably present the phone in June. The Apple Watch X and iOS 18 will also be announced at that time. Do you want to know more about iOS 18? Then read more about the biggest update ever for your iPhone here!

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