iPhone Advent Calendar (15-12-2022): win a Winmau Blade 6 Triple Core dartboard from DartsKing worth 95.95 euros!

It’s time to open yet another box in our iPhonedAdvent calendar, which runs from December 5 to December 23. Today you have a chance to win a Winmau Blade 6 Triple Core dartboard from DartsKing worth 95.95 euros!

iPhone Advent Calendar 2022

The holidays are upon us and that means the countdown to Christmas has begun! And that’s exactly what we do with our iPhonedAdvent calendar: next week you have a chance to win many prizes from all kinds of manufacturers every working day. The action runs from December 5 through December 23so you can count on a minimum of 15 gifts.

What you can win varies from gift vouchers to the latest gadgets. Every working day we open a box of the calendar below, so hold on iPhoned watch closely in the coming weeks.

Thursday 15 December: win the Winmau Blade 6 Triple Core from DartsKing worth 95.95 euros!

Tonight the World Darts Championship starts and that’s why we’re giving away a Winmau Blade 6 Triple Core dartboard from DartsKing! You will also see this dartboard shining on television in the coming weeks, because the high-quality dartboard is used in the matches of the darts world championship. The iron wire of the Winmau Blade 6 Triple Core is very thin. Not only does this look good aesthetically, but you’ll rarely be bothered by it bouncers where the arrows bounce back.

iphoned advent calendar December 15

The Winmau Blade 6 Triple Core also excels in longevity. The dartboard is made of high quality sisal and the fibers have a great self-healing ability. This keeps the dartboard looking good for a long time – even if you’ve got the hang of it and throw it every day!

Check out DartsKing’s Blade 6 Triple Core

For this giveaway we want Darts King thank you for making it available Winmau Blade 6 Triple Core dartboard worth 95.95 euros!

How do I win a prize?

From December 5 do you have to iPhoned keep an eye out, because every working day around 3 p.m hour we publish a news item iPhoned! In such an article you will find a link to a Google form, in which we ask some questions such as your e-mail address, name and an extra question about the product to be won.

You can participate until 2 p.m. the next day and then choose the iPhonededitors completely random a winner or winner. We will contact you as soon as possible and as soon as that has been established, we will announce that person on our website. Join form Below:

All information at a glance

Want to know more about this advent calendar? Then check us out iPhoned-advent calendar 2022 overview. In it you will find our beautiful calendar, all frequently asked questions and answers and the complete list of winners and winners.

Check the iPhoned advent calendar

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