iPhone Advent calendar (8-12-2023): win a package from HomeWizard worth 139.85 euros!

It’s time to open the December 8 box in the iPhonedAdvent calendar, which runs until December 25. Today you have a chance to win a package from HomeWizard worth 139.85 euros. Good luck!

iPhoned Advent Calendar 2023

The holidays are just around the corner, so the countdown to Christmas has begun! And that is exactly what we do with the iPhoned-Advent calendar for 2023, because you have a chance to win great prizes from different brands every working day in the coming weeks. The promotion runs from December 4 to 25so you can count on at least sixteen gifts!

What you can win varies from gift vouchers to the latest gadgets. Every working day we open a box of our Advent calendar, so keep it iPhoned keep a close eye on it in the coming weeks. Today we continue with a new section of the calendar, quickly read what today’s price is!

Friday, December 8, 2023: have a chance to win a package from HomeWizard worth 139.85 euros!

Do you want to gain better insight into your energy consumption? Then this package from HomeWizard is the solution! The package consists of various parts, allowing you to see what your home uses. With the P1 meter (worth 29.95 euros) you can see the power consumption, feed-in and gas consumption of your home. The device works with any smart meter and is easy to operate via WiFi!

homewizard iphoned advent calendar December 8, 2023

You also get a smart water meter (worth 49.95 euros) in the package, so you can see exactly how much water you use when filling your bath or washing your hands. All this information is collected on the Energy Display (59.95 euros). This way you can see your household’s energy consumption in one clear screen and you immediately know where you can save!

View the HomeWizard package here

For this competition we want HomeWizard thank you for making it available the package worth 139.95 euros.

How do I have a chance to win a prize?

From December 4th do you have to iPhoned keep a close eye on it, because every working day around 3 p.m o’clock we reveal a new daily price iPhoned! In such an article you will find a link to a Google form, in which we ask some questions such as your email address, name and an extra question about the product to be won.

You can participate until 2 p.m. the next day and then choose the iPhoned-editors select a winner at random. We will contact you as soon as possible, you must respond to our email within 24 hours. As soon as we have contacted the winner, we will announce that person on our website. Join us form below:

Everything about the iPhoned Advent Calendar 2023

Want to know more about this iPhoned advent calendar? Then check us out iPhoned-advent calendar 2023 overview. In it you will find our beautiful calendar, all frequently asked questions (with answers) and the complete list of winners.

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  • iPhone Advent calendar (8-12-2023): win a package from HomeWizard worth 139.85 euros!

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