iPhone battery empty quickly? Then quickly install iOS 17.2.1

Do you notice that your iPhone’s battery drains faster? You probably haven’t updated to iOS 17.2.1 yet. According to Apple, this solves a battery problem. You need to know this.

iOS 17.2.1 fixes battery problem

With major iOS updates, we always hear reports that the iPhone’s battery life seems to be decreasing. This often only applies to the first few days to about two weeks because energy-intensive background processes are running – such as the Spotlight search function. After that everything should be stable… and stay stable.

However, this was not the case for many iOS 17 users. But there is good news as the latest update, iOS 17.2.1 seems to fix the battery problem. This contains a bug fix, although officially it is only intended for certain regions. But we at iPhoned also noticed a longer battery life. This is what’s going on.

iOS 17.2.1 and battery: Japan and China

As Japanese iPhone owners have reported, the release notes for the update because it fixes a problem that could cause the battery to ‘discharge quickly in certain cases’. Apple does not provide any further information about this and the comment is missing in both the English and Dutch package inserts. On X it was also said that the Chinese release notes contain the same information, so this is not a bug limited to the Japanese market.

iOS 17.2.1

Apple itself did not provide any further details about iOS 17.2.1. It only mentioned “major bug fixes” and that it was “recommended for all users.” Apple’s typical sentence when the company does not comment further on an update. Security solutions were not specifically mentioned. Still, the update was so important to Apple that it had yet to be released at the end of last year – just eight days after the major update 17.2.

Check yourself

You can also check yourself what the possible culprit is for your iPhone’s battery life being too poor. In ‘Settings>Battery’ you can check which app requires the most energy according to iOS. Here you can also view information about system processes and what they do to your battery. Finally, you can see if the iPhone had difficulty finding a mobile network, because that is also disastrous for your battery.

Do you see nothing strange here, but do you still think that your battery is draining quickly? Then install iOS 17.2.1 soon. It will be ready for you in ‘Settings>General>Software update’.

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