iPhone SE 2022 vs. iPhone 11: these are the main differences

For the price of an iPhone SE 2022 you have a great older iPhone these days. iPhoned compare the iPhone SE 2022 to the (still popular) iPhone 11: these are the main differences!

iPhone SE 2022 vs iPhone 11: the differences

Now that the iPhone SE 2022 (sometimes also called iPhone SE 3) is out, it turns out to be just a bit more expensive than the previous iPhone SE (from 2020). The prices are 40 euros higher, because the version with 64GB now costs 529 euros.

For that money you can also buy a great older iPhone. That is why we compare the iPhone SE 2022 with the still popular iPhone 11. This device is now for sale for a very decent price (about 557 euros) and it has several functions that the iPhone SE 2022 does not have. In addition, the iPhone 11 is also refurbished for sale for 365 euros, which makes the price even more interesting.

iPhone 11 specifications

The iPhone 11 appeared in 2019. The device was introduced simultaneously with the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The Pro models have a better screen and an extra camera, but they are more expensive.

iPhone SE 2022 vs.  iPhone 11: these are the main differences

The iPhone 11 has an A13 chip. According to Apple, the A13 chip is about 20 percent more powerful than the A12 variant, which is in the iPhone XR. The successor (the A14 chip) can be found in the iPhone 12.

All iPhone 11 cameras have a 12 megapixel resolution. This also applies to the front camera. The iPhone 11 has two cameras on the back: a wide-angle lens and an ultra-wide-angle lens. The ultra-wide angle comes in handy when taking landscape photos, or when photographing a large group of friends/family, for example.

In addition, it is available in all kinds of fun colors: black, silver, yellow, green, purple and red. The screen is 6.1 inches, it has Face ID and a modern design with a notch.

iPhone SE 2022 specifications

The iPhone SE 2022 has the new A15 chip, which is also in the iPhone 13. It has the old look of the iPhone SE 2020. That means the smartphone still has a home button. Furthermore, Touch ID is also present, but there is no trace of Face ID. Furthermore, the iPhone SE 2022 is for sale in the colors white, red and black.

iPhone se 2022

The iPhone SE 3 has a 4.7-inch LCD display and support for 5G. There is a single camera on the back of the device, just like with the iPhone SE 2020. This is a 12 megapixel camera. The selfie camera is a 7 megapixel front camera.

Thanks to the new A15 chip, you can still take pretty nice photos with the iPhone SE 2022. This is due to the better image signal processor. Furthermore, the iPhone SE 2022 supports Smart HDR 4 and photographic styles.

Take your pick: iPhone 11 or iPhone SE 2022

You can’t just say which device is the best. The biggest advantage of the iPhone SE 2022 is the faster processor (the A15) and therefore the longer support for iOS updates (until 2026). The major drawbacks are the single camera on the back, the lack of Face ID and the old iPhone appearance (that is really no longer possible in 2022, Apple!).

iPhone 11 camera

The iPhone 11 costs about the same new as an iPhone SE 2022, but refurbished it is even a lot cheaper. The advantages of the iPhone 11 vs the iPhone SE 2022 are mainly: Face ID, multiple cameras on the back, a larger screen, newer design and it is available in more colors. The biggest drawback is the lack of 5G and the shorter support for new iOS updates. Due to the older A13 chip, this is probably until 2024.

Buying advice

Which iPhone you should buy actually comes down to the following: are you very careful with your device and plan to use your iPhone for more than 3 years? Do you also not mind the old design? Then buy the iPhone SE 2022.

Are you planning to buy a new iPhone in 3 to 4 years? Or do you not like the old-fashioned design of the iPhone SE 2022? Then take a (refurbished) iPhone 11.

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