iPhone SE 4th generation: all rumors at a glance

iPhone 16 design, Face ID, Dynamic Island and action button

Are you waiting for a new iPhone SE? Then you will have to be patient for a while, the 4th generation is not expected immediately. There are even rumors that Apple has completely discontinued the iPhone SE, but this is not yet 100% certain.

Some rumors have already been leaked regarding the new SE. This would probably have the same design as the iPhone XR from 2018 with a few adjustments. This means that the iPhone SE will make the switch to an ‘edge-to-edge’ screen, possibly Face ID and a larger display. However, there are doubts, we should not expect an iPhone SE in 2023 and even 2024.

No iPhone SE for the time being

MacRumors reports that Apple has no plans to release iPhone SE (4th generation) in 2024. This is according to reports from Barclays analysts Blayne Curtis and Tom O’Malley after having had several conversations with Apple’s supply chain.

Apple is said to be planning to launch its own 5G modem and put it in all iPhone models. To reduce costs, Apple would therefore wait with the SE so that the 5G modem can be included. Unfortunately, this process is delayed.

Apple and Qualcomm have extended their partnership for the use of modem chips for iPhones for another three years. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon modems can still be used for Apple phones that will be released up to and including 2026.

iPhone SE 4 canceled or not?

Earlier said the reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports that Apple may have delayed or even canceled the iPhone SE 4th generation. According to Kuo, Apple doubted whether they wanted to launch a new SE on the market suspected that Apple had canceled it completely and there will no longer be a new model.

According to Kuo, Apple is disappointed in the sales of the cheaper iPhones. For example, the iPhone SE 2022 is not a high-flyer and the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 14 (Plus) are anything but sales successes. This could be a reason for Apple to delay or cancel the iPhone SE 4.

iPhone SE 3rd generation - Apple
iPhone SE 3rd generation – Apple

Another reason could be the price. The SE 4th generation would resemble the iPhone 14. A larger screen has a higher price tag and that would mean that Apple would have to increase the price of the SE. That is not very useful for the price segment in which the SE falls. It is smarter for Apple to promote older models instead of a ‘new’ cheaper iPhone.

Yet the same Kuo shares new information. According to him, the iPhone SE 4 is still in development, but when we can expect it is currently unknown.

Design of the iPhone SE 4th generation

If the iPhone SE 4th generation does come, it would according to MacRumors the design is strikingly similar to the iPhone 13/14 with notch. Previously there was talk of the iPhone XR design from 2018, but Apple may not want to go that route.

This choice is not very strange, as the SE products are known for harking back to an old model. For example, the first iPhone SE was an improved version of the iPhone 5 and the current SE is an improvement on the iPhone 8. It is logical that Apple is breathing new life into an old model for the 4th generation, but new rumors speak of a modern design.

iPhone 16 design

Majin Bu shares on X that the iPhone SE 4 design is very similar to that of the upcoming iPhone 16 and current iPhone 15. In that case, the iPhone SE 4 will have a modern design, with Dynamic Island, Face ID, thin screen edges, rounded corners and no home button. At the back you will find a single camera in the style of the yet to be announced iPhone 16.

Doubts about screen size and design

However, there are still doubts and the screen size is not yet clear. Rumors report that Apple is unsure between a 5.7-inch or 6.1-inch screen. If it concerns a 5.7-inch display, there is a chance that Apple will revive the iPhone mini and this will become the new SE, but everything now indicates that 6.1-inch will become the new standard .

LCD or OLED screen?

The iPhone Still, it’s not yet clear whether Apple will use LCD or OLED technology for the iPhone SE 4.

Ross Young says that both are possible, as the costs of OLED continue to decline. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suspects that Apple will provide the SE 4 with a 6.1-inch OLED screen.

Face ID or Touch ID?

There is a good chance that the fourth generation iPhone SE will have facial recognition. However, Apple can limit the costs of this device by opting for Touch ID in the side button, something that the iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad 10th generation also use. However, Face ID seems to be the most logical choice.

Super fast processor and connectivity

Most likely, the iPhone SE 4 will have a super-fast processor, possibly an A17 chip released in 2023. The iPhone SE currently uses the A15 chip.

The iPhone SE will also improve in terms of connectivity compared to the current model and the iPhone XR. This includes the addition of WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.3 and more. Naturally, the iPhone SE 4th generation will be equipped with USB-C with USB 2.0 speeds.

Multifunctional action button

For the iPhone 15 Pro (Max), Apple has replaced the mute button with a multifunctional action button. This can not only control the silent mode, but also perform other tasks. Once you press or hold the button, a user-selected action is initiated, just like the Apple Watch Ultra. Recent rumors report that the iPhone SE 4 will also have this action button.

Availability iPhone SE 4

The iPhone SE 4th generation is not expected until 2025. That is, if Apple doesn’t decide to pull the plug on the SE. It is still unknown what the price of this device will be. The current generation SE has a suggested retail price of €559, the SE 4 will probably maintain this price.

Good to know, a new iPhone SE is not expected in 2023 and 2024. The current model will probably not receive an update and it may disappear from the shelves at the end of 2024 due to the obligation of USB-C in the EU.

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