iPhone tips: 4 functions that save you a lot of time

There are many hidden tricks on your iPhone that are not actually described anywhere. We show you four functions that will save you quite a bit of time. Use your iPhone faster than ever before with these smart tips!

iPhone tips: 4 features that save you time

Maybe you know it: suddenly you discover a function that you didn’t know about on your iPhone. In this week’s iPhone tips, we show you four of these useful features. From faster keyboard switching to lightning-fast scrolling, these features are going to save you time!

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1. Switch between keyboards faster

When you are typing a message on your iPhone, you have the keyboard with all the letters in front of you by default. Do you want to type a number? Then you have to switch to the number keyboard. You do this by tapping the ‘123’ button at the bottom left. Then tap the number you want.

Once you have done that, you have to go back to the letter keyboard by pressing the ‘ABC’ key. However, there is a faster way to switch between the keyboards.

Faster switch between keyboards on iPhone

  1. Open a chat or message and start typing on the keyboard;

  2. When you want to type a number, hold down your finger on the “123” key;

  3. Then drag your finger to the number you want to type;

  4. Release your finger on the number you want to type;

  5. The chosen number appears on the screen and the keyboard automatically switches back to the keyboard with the letters.

Do you want to type more digits in a row? Then you still have to switch between the keyboards in the ‘old-fashioned’ way.

volume iphone

2. Easier to adjust the volume

When you adjust the volume on your iPhone, you will see a small bar appear on the screen. Here you can see exactly how loud (or soft) you set the sound. To make the sound louder, you have to press the button several times in a row. However, there is a faster way to adjust the sound to your liking.

  • Press the volume up or volume down button on the side of your iPhone once;
  • Tap and hold the volume control that appears on the screen with your finger;
  • Swipe your finger up or down to adjust the volume.

3. Quickly scroll through your iPhone’s menus

This third feature in our iPhone tips is also quite unknown to iPhone owners. When you’re scrolling through your iPhone’s settings, you can scroll back by tapping the top left corner. Then when you want to go back three or four pages, you have to tap the screen that same number of times.

iphone menu

Sometimes it is therefore more convenient to keep your finger on the icon with the arrow back. Then a list appears with all the pages you have previously had open. You can then go directly to the page you are looking for.

4. Lightning fast scrolling

Finally, a little trick. For example, if you want to quickly scroll up in the ‘Photos’ app, Safari or maybe Twitter, you don’t have to swipe across the screen like a man possessed. A much easier way is to tap at the top of the screen (for example, on the clock or the battery icon). The iPhone then scrolls up at lightning speed.

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