iPhone tips: these tricks will help you get more out of your Apple AirTags!

AirTags are extremely useful and are becoming increasingly popular. That’s why in this week’s iPhone tips we’ll show you how to get the most out of these smart trackers!

This way you get more out of your Apple AirTags

An AirTag in your suitcase, in your wallet, on your bicycle and in your car; Thanks to these handy trackers you can easily find everything again. But there are undoubtedly things you didn’t know about AirTags, so we’ll show you how to get more out of them in these iPhone tips!

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1. Check the battery level

We start these iPhone tips with a logical, but certainly not unimportant tip. An AirTag is very useful as long as the battery is not empty. Reason enough to check this regularly, otherwise you will miss your goal. By default, you no longer see a battery indicator, but you can see whether your battery is almost empty or not. You do this in the following way:

  1. Open the ‘Find My’ app on your iPhone;

  2. Tap ‘Objects’ at the bottom;

  3. Select the relevant AirTag;

  4. Only when the battery is almost empty will you see a battery indicator here.

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2. Lost AirTag? Enable Lost Mode

Number two of these iPhone tips comes in handy if you lose an AirTag. Then if you have the Lost mode If you turn it on, anyone who finds the AirTag can find your phone number by tapping it on their iPhone. This way, the person can contact you to return the AirTag. You can activate it as follows:

  • Open the ‘Find My’ app on your iPhone;
  • Tap ‘Objects’ at the bottom;
  • Select the relevant AirTag;
  • Under ‘Lost Mode’, tap ‘Turn on’;
  • Enter your phone number;
  • Tap ‘Activate’.
air tag lost

3. Disable an unknown AirTag that moves with you

It seems to happen that people use AirTags to secretly track people or cars. Fortunately, Apple will notify you if an unidentified AirTag is traveling with you.

You can then detect and disable the unknown AirTag. You will first receive a notification and then you can play a sound to locate the AirTag. Then hold the AirTag against your iPhone and you will see more details. Finally, remove the battery so that the tracking functions are completely disabled.

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4. Share an AirTag with someone else

Number four of these iPhone tips is about sharing an AirTag with other people. This has been possible since iOS 17. For example, it is useful if you want to be able to see where your pet is hanging out with the whole family, but there are of course more applications conceivable. Please note that it only works when users are 16 years or older (13 years or older in Belgium). How to set up sharing:

  • Open the ‘Find My’ app on your iPhone;
  • Tap ‘Objects’ at the bottom;
  • Select the relevant AirTag;
  • Under ‘Share this AirTag’, tap ‘Continue’;
  • Select the contact and tap Share.
Share AirTag

5. Use AirTags as NFC triggers

The Shortcuts app lets you set certain functions to perform when you tap your iPhone with an AirTag. The possibilities are endless, especially when you use HomeKit. Maybe you have an AirTag in your car. You could then set it so that when you tap the AirTag with your iPhone, all the lights in the house go off and the heating is turned down.

For a detailed description of how to do this, read the article ‘NFC on your iPhone: set up tags and use them to make your home smarter’, where the tags in this case are AirTags.

nfc on iphone

6. Buy useful AirTag accessories

There are all kinds of accessories available for AirTags. Consider a key ring, a collar for your dog or cat and a bicycle bell in which you can hide an AirTag. The possibilities are practically endless!

collar air tag

7. Buy cheap AirTags here!

If you don’t have an AirTag yet or you want to purchase more, take advantage of the deal below. In general, the more you buy at once, the cheaper they become.

If you want to be even cheaper, you can consider the Kruidvat Smart Finder. It also works with the ‘Find My’ app and you can buy it for less than ten euros!

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