iPhone tips: with these 6 functions you get even more out of Flitsmeister

You probably knew that Flitsmeister helps to avoid traffic fines for speeding, but the app can do much more. That’s why in these iPhone tips: get more out of Flitsmeister!

With these iPhone tips you can get more out of Flitsmeister

For many people it is Flashmeister especially useful to avoid being unpleasantly surprised by speed cameras and speed checks. If you already use the app for that, other functions of Flitsmeister are also quite useful. In these iPhone tips you can read how to get even more out of it! You can download the app for free from the App Store:

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1. Pay parking fees via Flitsmeister

One of the most useful of these iPhone tips is that you can also use Flitsmeister to pay your parking fee. You may have a separate app for this, such as EasyPark NL, but that is actually not necessary at all.

Payment can be made via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or direct debit. You can also add multiple license plates to the app. An overview of your recent parking transactions is in the app. You immediately see when, where and with which license plate you parked and the costs are of course also listed (you will pay 25 cents transaction costs for each parking action).

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2. Automatic start

Number two of these iPhone tips is about starting Flitsmeister automatically. If you enable this option, the app will automatically recognize when you are driving based on the motion sensor on your iPhone. In that case, Flitsmeister will also start automatically, so you don’t have to tap all kinds of things while driving. So handy!

Flitsmeister also automatically detects when you are no longer driving and then switches to standby as standard. Nowadays, that function is on by default and you cannot switch it off.

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3. Use the CarPlay app

Number three of this week’s iPhone tips is for people with a car or built-in system with CarPlay. It is possible to use Flitsmeister on this as well. The Flitsmeister CarPlay app contains almost all the functions of the iOS version. You will receive all important notifications, even while you navigate with another CarPlay navigation app such as Google Maps or Apple Maps.

But you can also navigate with Flitsmeister, you get notifications for approaching speed cameras and traffic jams, and the app tells you when an ambulance is approaching. Also useful: in the top right corner you can see the maximum speed on the road you are driving on.

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4. Report and manage speed cameras

Number four of these iPhone tips is about managing speed cameras. In Flitsmeister you can report a (mobile) speed camera to warn other users. You can also manage speed cameras. On the map with an overview of speed cameras in your area, you can easily indicate whether a speed camera is no longer there, or whether a new one has been added.

You can also disable speed camera warnings in the app. For example, if there are fixed speed cameras that you drive past very often, you probably no longer need to be warned about them every time. You can mute a speed camera by looking for the camera on the map. Then tap the pole icon and then tap the speaker.


5. Apple Watch tactile signal

Number five of these iPhone tips is for Flitsmeister users with an Apple Watch. Unfortunately, Flitsmeister is no longer available as an Apple Watch app, but you can still receive notifications on your smartwatch. In addition, you can also make those notifications vibrate in your Apple Watch with the ‘tactile signal’ option. You can enable this via Sound options in the app settings.

Until 2019, it was prohibited in the Netherlands to use a smartwatch behind the wheel. It is still illegal to hold a mobile electronic device behind the wheel, but wearing a smartwatch is not considered holding. So you can safely use this option from Flitsmeister.

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6. Flitsmeister One and Two

We conclude this week’s iPhone tips with two useful accessories from Flitsmeister. The Flashmeister One is a box for your car that was specially made for the app. You connect the One to the app, so that it automatically opens Flitsmeister on your smartphone when you get into the car. The box also gives a warning with light and sound when a notification arrives via the app on your iPhone. The built-in battery lasts two years and can then be replaced. The Flitsmeister One can be ordered for 49.95 euros via the app’s website.

In addition, there is the Flashmeister Two. It basically does the same thing, but also indicates the current maximum speed via the built-in display. So you can see it at a glance, without having to look at your iPhone. The Flitsmeister Two costs 79.95 euros and you can also order it via the website.

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If you use Flitsmeister a lot, it is an idea to purchase the Proversion to consider. You will have no advertising, you will receive more information with the route information bar, you will quickly find the cheapest place to refuel, you can look back at where and when the flash was used, you will receive a focus mode with fewer stimuli and help with contesting fines.

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