Jaguar E-type (1967) – In the Wild

Just along the road

Jaguar E-type (1967) – In the Wild

There are those classics that you almost expect to find only in a museum and not just in public. The Jaguar E-type now also fits into that category. However, this beautiful red copy was just parked along the road.

The day you knew would come is finally here: we have one of the nation’s most beloved classics in this column. AutoWeek forum member Afentoe just came across this beautiful 1967 Jaguar E-type Roadster, parked in a residential area. We can imagine that it was quite a surprise when the red Briton came into view. What a stark contrast with the cars around it.

There is a good chance that the E-type was standing along the road in such a somewhat nonchalant manner because it was on a tour that day. The weather was beautiful on Sunday and anyone who has been out themselves may have seen that many classics were on their way. For example, a wide range of classic roadsters could be found on the Veluwe and this E-type may have also been among them. You rarely see them parked so openly along the road, but on nice days you can still see E-types passing by on the road.

Jaguar E type

We are dealing with a real E-type Series 1 (!) in a wonderfully classic color scheme and, above all, in truly pristine condition. If you need a mirror, you can use the paint or chrome on this one Jag also works well. You can bet that this is a car that really only spends time outdoors when Buienradar has a day off. Of course, that’s what it was intended for from the start, because you obviously prefer to drive it with the hood down. Not only to enjoy the birdsong, but especially to hear the 4.2 inline-six XK engine do its work in full glory when you give it a good squeeze of gas.

The owner should not only be proud of it because of the picture; the technical condition is probably just as impressive. According to our data, the car has never had an MOT issue. Please note: we are talking about the period from 1998 to the present, because in that year this E-type was registered on a Dutch license plate for the first time. He has been with his current owner for almost ten years now and he must probably have a very good reason to say goodbye to him one day.

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