Jeep shows first all-electric SUV

Jeep shows first all-electric SUV

Jeep presents its first all-electric SUV. The as yet unnamed newcomer will be on the market next year and at least keeps it quite traditional in appearance.

Today, Stellantis is revealing more detailed plans for the future, in which electrification obviously plays a major role. Also for Jeep, a brand that has so far taken fairly cautious steps in that area. Next year there will be an important turnaround, because then the brand will bring its first fully electric model on the market. An as yet unnamed SUV that appears to be ripe for the European market.

Jeep electric SUV

The SUV roughly looks like a descendant of the Jeeps Compass and Renegade and, in terms of appearance, fits neatly into the current range. That is also allowed, because we are not talking about distant future music here. Most likely, the Jeep will be enthroned on Stellantis’ STLA Small platform, a base intended purely for EVs that will serve in the compact class and compact middle class. The electric Jeep probably belongs in that second category. The STLA Small platform offers space for battery packs with a capacity of up to 82 kWh. We can cautiously count on 100 to 250 hp strong powertrains for STLA Small, and four-wheel drive is probably also an option.

Jeep is also still holding tight to the new electric SUV. It does say that an electric off-roader is also on the way in 2024. That must almost be the production version of the Wrangler Magneto Concept. In the same year, a ‘Lifestyle Family SUV’ is also arriving, possibly a more spacious brother of the SUV we are now seeing. If more is known, you will of course read it here.

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