It’s Saturday afternoon and this time John Vanderaart’s weekly column on is here on time. Read his column from last week here, in case you read it again or missed it.

My purchase account on Amazon I made a bit too easy for myself. That’s how I experienced it this week… You have a one-click-shop account set up completely rigidly. If you buy a lot on Amazon, then that is quite handy. In my case it turned out a bit unfortunate. This summer I have decided (in pencil) to do something about my physique and for that I need some weights. No sooner said than done, I clicked around (fantasizing about Arnold Schwarzenegger) and exactly at the moment that I had decided not to do anything (!) about my physique this summer, I pressed the wrong button, the one-click-shop button. Holy crap… It was my conscience that did not immediately cancel the purchase. A few hours later I thought differently, but then the moment of cancel unfortunately already over. Holy cow… Two new resolutions: (1) work on my physical condition this summer and (2) bury the one-click-shop-button. It has to remain fun. Right?

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That means lifting weights this summer. Anything for a little physical…