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Christmas time is coming and that means debauched festive lights, because I live in a working-class neighborhood where people let it shine brightly. Various options: (1) expensive at the garden center, (2) cheap at Action or (3) smart on the internet (for example that smart lighting with 400 LEDs via When you walk through our festively lit street in due course, you will immediately see who has shopped where. You will immediately recognize the items from the garden center and Action. The gems are the items that were cleverly purchased on the internet: “Just a little bit different.” In fact: “Sometimes even spectacular.” This is often less about the big picture and more about the subtle. Anyway, on the LightInTheBox website I found a great double-LED Christmas projector with water wave effect and extra slides for little money. How subtle do you want it to be? I was in great anticipation when the carrier let me know that he would come by. Tightly planned. Only… Something went wrong with the carrier: “Sorry!” A new delivery time was tightly scheduled. At that delivery time: “No carrier in sight.” Another new, even more tightly scheduled delivery moment. Well, a whole week later! The next day the front doorbell: “I haven’t expected the delivery person with my party lights yet.” Six whole days before that super-tightly scheduled delivery moment. A wonderfully good-tempered young man, probably named Haas. He didn’t know anything at all: “But you have your package and that’s what matters! Isn’t that nice?” I was left with a somewhat bad taste in my mouth, because in the future should you or shouldn’t you stay home for such a tightly scheduled delivery time? And young man Haas, he raced down the street…

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Subtle or not? Such a great double-LED Christmas projector with water wave effect and extra slides!