Just Timers for iOS, just time!

A list of timers in Just Timers

A timer always comes in handy. Whether it is boiling the perfect egg or conducting a scientific test. It becomes even more fun with the Just Timers app for iOS, with which you can run a variety of timers at the same time or not.

Time plays an essential role in many things in life. And so comes the app Just Timers best for iOS. In the kitchen, for example. Or at school, in the lab or anywhere. The nice thing about Just Timers is that you can set and pre-program as many timers as you want. That is, if you are prepared not to go for free but to pay € 2.29 for the option unlimited timers. If you don’t, you can pre-program two timers and save them in the free version.

To add a timer, tap the unmissable + at the bottom of the screen in the app’s main window. Give the timer a name in the appropriate field. Set the countdown time, with a maximum of 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. If desired, you can turn it into a Siri promotion. Ready setup? Then tap Create. The timer now appears in the first virginly empty list of timers. You can add multiple timers in the same way.

Set your timer and add it to the list
Set your timer and add it to the list

Notification and widget

Start a timer by tapping the “play button” behind it. You can start multiple timers at the same time. Do not forget the first time you start a timer to give permission for notifications, otherwise you will not hear anything when a timer has finished counting down. Furthermore, you must change a setting to get a notification at all. At least that was the case with us. Tap the settings gear and put the switch behind Repeat Alert Sound On.

From that moment we received notifications when a timer expired. The sound also played just a little longer, which is nice. If you want, Just Timers can also be added to the iOS (or iPadOS) widgets, so you always have them at hand. Anyway such a must-have app that regularly comes in handy!

Last but not least: to remove a timer from the list, swipe it to the left and then press the button Delete to tap.


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