KTM unveils 1390 Super Duke R EVO: 190 hp beast

Ten years after its introduction, KTM says it has unleashed the Beast in the SuperDuke again, with the launch of the 1390 Super Duke R and 1390 Super Duke R EVO. In a nutshell: 190 hp power and 145 Nm torque at 212 kilos ready to ride, updated design, electronics and a MotoGP-inspired “Factory Start” function, which mimics the Ride Height Device of MotoGP machines.

Don’t be fooled by the “1390” in the name of the new SuperDuke, the number in the name is not a reference to the engine capacity, but simply KTM’s tradition of ending the numbers in the model names with “90”, rather than being a reflection of engine displacement.

This was no different with the previous 1290 Super Duke R, which even had a slightly larger engine capacity of 1,301 cc. On the new 1390, KTM has increased the engine capacity to 1,350 cc, an increase of just 49 cc, which was achieved by increasing the bore by 2 mm to 110 mm, while keeping the stroke length unchanged at 71 mm. Those who had hoped that the new 1390 Super Duke R would join the 200+ club will unfortunately have to be disappointed: KTM claims a top power of ‘only’ 190 hp at 10,000 rpm, although that is still a lot more than the 1290.

The increase in power is partly attributable to a new shift cam system – similar to BMW’s ShiftCam system – in good Dutch variable valve timing, where both the timing and the lift can be adjusted by switching between two profiles. According to KTM, this not only resulted in an increase in power and torque across the board, but in combination with differentiated mapping, the Euro5+ emission requirements could be met.

The cylinder heads are completely new and KTM has immediately taken the opportunity to make the service interval a lot friendlier, the valve clearance now only needs to be checked every 60,000 km. KTM is the second brand after Ducati with a bizarrely long maintenance interval.

Other changes to the engine include a new airbox and shorter intake manifolds, plus larger throttle bodies (from 56mm to now 60mm) and a repositioning of the injectors to improve the air/fuel mixture. The gearbox has basically remained the same, but KTM has adjusted the ratios to the new power delivery.

The engine may have been significantly renewed, but the chassis has been copied one by one from the 1290 Super Duke R, only with improved suspension. The standard version has a 48 mm WP Apex front fork and WP Apex monoshock with piggyback reservoir, both of which are of course fully adjustable, while the 1390 Super Duke R EVO uses WP’s Semi-Active Technology (SAT) at the front.

The semi-active suspension has 5 modes as standard (Auto, Comfort, Rain, Street and Sport), which can optionally be expanded with another 2 modes (Track and Pro) via the Suspension Pro package. That package includes an anti-dive function that ensures that the front becomes stiffer when braking, automatic ride height adjustment via three settings (standard, low and high) of the rear spring preload.

New is the addition of what KTM calls the “Factory Start” function, which mimics the idea of ​​the Ride Height Device of MotoGP machines by lowering the ride height when stationary. In addition to making it easier to get your feet on the ground, the center of gravity is lowered and more pressure is placed on the rear wheel, for better grip and less wheelie tendency, to return to the original position while driving.

As far as brakes are concerned, KTM has continued to do business with Brembo, with dual 320 mm discs with Stylema radial brake calipers at the front and a 2-piston caliper with 240 mm brake disc at the rear – for 2024 also equipped with an adjustable Brembo MCS brake pump. Naturally equipped with Bosch cornering ASB.

So much for the good news. The bad news is that KTM has given the new 1390 Super Duke R (and EVO) the same appearance as the new 990 Duke, which consists of two projection lamps placed above each other with two tubes for the daytime running lights next to them. It is definitely distinctive, but if you ask us, it is unfortunately also disgusting and ugly.

KTM has also made some minor adjustments to the styling, including a new slightly larger tank with a capacity of 17.5 liters, which is one and a half liters more than its predecessor. According to KTM, this should now give the ‘Beast’ a range of 300 kilometers. According to KTM, the new tank also has an important ergonomic function, via the new spoilers and winglets that must generate downforce.

– Thanks for information from Motorfreaks.

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