Lexus ‘Electrified Sedan’: Herald of Electric IS?

Lexus ‘Electrified Sedan’: Herald of Electric IS?

Lexus is busy highlighting its battery of new electric concept cars one by one. This morning the large ‘Electrified SUV’ passed by, now it is the turn of its smaller, lower and slender brother: the ‘Electrified Sedan’.

The ‘Electrified Sedan’ is somewhat reminiscent of the new IS, but in its design it is actually much less of a sedan than the latter. There is not really a real ‘butt’, the Electrified Sedan has a so-called ‘Kamm-tail’, in which the rear of the car runs down from the rear window and then ends abruptly with a vertical line. This calls the Lexus associations with the Hyundai Prophecy Concept, although the Korean is still slightly smoother than the Japanese. The roof and window line of the Lexus are more reminiscent of cars like the Tesla Model 3 and Nio ET5.

The design of the Electrified Sedan is quite different from that of the ‘Electrified SUV’ and the RZ 450e. The front is not largely closed, as is the case with those two models, but the front bumper contains two large ventilation openings in the center. There are also notches under the headlights. Those headlights in turn attract attention. The boomerang shape of the daytime running lights is also present on today’s Lexuses, but as with the ‘Electrified SUV’, the headlamps do not have an overarching headlamp glass. There is a crease on the front doors on the left flank of the compact electric sports sedan. From there a line runs up to the rear window. At the rear, the Electrified Sedan has taillights that evoke the association with the LFA. He also has a ‘ducktail’ on which the Lexus logo is written in block letters.

Lexus Electrified Sedan

Lexus ‘Electrified Sedan’.

As with the other concept models, Lexus does not yet release detailed specifications about the Electrified Sedan. So we’ll have to make do with these photos. Judging by the footage, the Electrified Sedan will be the electrical equivalent of the IS, which means that it will have to compete with the aforementioned NIO ET5 and Tesla Model 3. The BMW i4 will also be part of the competition in that case. . It is not yet known when Lexus will finally unveil the electric sports sedan.

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