Lexus NX: cheaper and as an adventurous Overtrail


Lexus NX Overtrail

The Lexus NX is now available for thousands of euros less than before, but Lexus is not lowering the prices of the existing versions. In fact, (old well-known) versions are being added.

At the beginning of this year, Lexus fanatically lowered the prices of the NX. The starting price of the Lexus NX dropped by 9 grand to €64,995, an amount for which you received a Lexus NX 350h 2WD designed as a Business Line. Lexus is now bringing back the old well-known Comfort Line and Business Line versions to the model. The Comfort Line version is below the Business Line, which in turn gives the NX a lower starting price.

The Lexus NX is now available from €61,995. For that amount you get the Lexus NX 350h with front-wheel drive, designed as a Comfort Line. The reduced President Line version is on the same level as the F Sport Line versions and is therefore positioned at the top of the range. While the F Sport Line version mainly focuses on external dynamics, the President Line version aims for the most luxurious experience possible. The Lexus NX is available as a President Line from €79,495. For those euros you also get NX as a 350h 2WD.

Lexus NX Overtrail

Lexus NX


But there is more news to report. The Lexus NX is now also available as an adventurously decorated Overtrail. It has the standard equipment of the Exeuctive Line models, but adds 18-inch black alloy, artificial leather Overtrail upholstery, a specific grille, a chassis with 1.5 centimeters greater ground clearance, Overtrail logos, black-chrome window frames, black exterior mirrors and door handles and adaptive dampers. The Lexus NX is available as Overtrail, 350h AWD and 450h+ AWD.


The choice of engines is huge. As a hybrid 350h, the NX is available with front and all-wheel drive. Above this is the all-wheel drive plug-in hybrid 450+. The NX 350h with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive has 224 hp. Plug-in hybrid NX 450h+ offers a system power of 309 hp.

Lexus NX Prices – April 2024

Motor version Performance From price
NX 350h 2WD Comfort Line €61,995
NX 350h 2WD Business Line €64,995
NX 350h 2WD Luxury Line €67,995
NX 350h 2WD Executive Line €76,495
NX 350h 2WD President Line €79,495
NX 350h AWD Luxury Line €69,995
NX 350h AWD Executive Line €78,495
NX 350h AWD President Line €81,495
NX 350h AWD F Sport Line €80,495
NX 350h AWD Overtrail €78,995
NX 450+ AWD Luxury Line €70,995
NX 450+ AWD Executive Line €79,495
NX 450+ AWD President Line €82,495
NX 450+ AWD F Sport Line €81,495
NX 450+ AWD Overtrail €79,995

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