‘Lincoln wants a complete range of EVs before 2026’

Lincoln Navigator Facelift

Lincoln, the American luxury brand of Ford, wants to have a complete fleet of electric models ready by 2026. That should contribute to Ford’s ambition to become the second largest American EV builder.

Lincoln wants to continue with electrification and aims for a fleet of at least five fully electric models by 2026. It would concern SUVs and crossovers that replace or supplement the existing range. That current offer consists of the Corsair (size BMW X3 or smaller), the Nautilus (X5), the Aviator (between X5 and X7) and the Navigator (X7 plus, extraterrestrial size). The news has not been officially confirmed, but reached Reuters via well-known and anonymous ‘in-brand sources’.

The first of the new electric range is said to be Aviator-sized and will be released in 2024, according to this report. That is remarkable, because earlier it seemed that Lincoln would give itself an EV in 2022, 100 years after the takeover by Ford. That car, a smaller model that shares its technical basis with the Ford Mustang Mach-E, may therefore be outside the model range referred to here.

Later, around 2026, an even bigger Navigator-esque EV should appear. That car shares its platform, or actually chassis, according to the sources with the next generation of the electric Ford F-150. That’s not surprising, because the existing Navigator is also technically based on Ford’s endlessly popular pick-up.

Lincoln would do well to take electrification seriously, because its biggest competitor does too. GM’s Cadillac has taken a radical approach to EVs, already has a promising example in the form of the Lyriq and wants to sell only electric cars from 2030.

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