Look to the Future: DS 4 (Crossback)

The DS 4 and DS 4 Crossback have not been among us for a while, but there will be a successor in the near future. The PSA premium brand expands the range with a new generation of the DS 4. From now on, the car is entirely designed according to the design language of DS, which means that the DS 4 also really loses its ties with the Citroen. A DS 4 Crossback is probably in the barrel again.

You can say that DS currently has a fairly limited range in the Netherlands. Although the brand new DS 9 has now been announced, only the DS 3 Crossback and the DS 7 Crossback are currently available. These two high-standing models will eventually be joined by a model in between, the DS 4. This brings a well-known name back to the street scene. The DS 4 should play an important role in increasing DS ‘market share in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

Own way

The current range of DS clearly shows that the brand has completely gone its own way in terms of design. The Citroën influences have almost completely disappeared and it is cursing in church at DS if you still paste the name Citroën before it. Like its bigger brothers DS 7 Crossback and DS 9, the DS 4 will also have a fairly sturdy chrome-framed grille, which borders the sharply contoured headlights in the upper corners. The modern family face is also clearly represented at the fairly quietly designed back. Wide taillight units, with lamps with a diamond pattern, are connected to each other by a chrome strip across the tailgate.


As with the previous DS 4, we also expect a DS 4 Crossback. As the name suggests, the new DS 4 Crossback is once again a hatchback with the necessary crossover influences. The DS 4 Crossback is slightly higher above the ground than with the regular hatchback. Plastic edges around the wheel arches and sills should make the Crossback look more adventurous than the regular DS 4. The illustration of the rear of the new DS 4 shows how the car can look like a Crossback.

Peugeot 308

The new DS 4 is likely to share its technical base with the next generation of Peugeot 308 and Opel Astra. We expect that roughly around the same time as the DS 4. Looking at the current technical developments at the Groupe PSA, a plug-in hybrid DS 4 is undoubtedly available. A fully electric variant will probably not be missing either. The market introduction is expected to take place well into 2021, possibly a little later.


DS will undoubtedly bet high in terms of competitors with the DS 4. Time will tell whether it can convince people to ignore the smaller models from brands such as Mercedes and BMW. A model like the Kia XCeed may well get his chest wet for the DS4 Crossback. With his essentially different carriage than the regular Ceed, it is clearly in the same niche as the Frenchman. The regular DS 4 moves earlier in the playing field of the regular Ceed, although probably with a slightly higher luxury experience and ditto price tag. The Ford Focus, like the DS and the Kia, are of course also available in two forms: the regular Focus and the Focus Active. They will also face competition from the DS 4 and DS 4 Crossback respectively.

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