Looking back: ‘Alfa Romeo Kamal production version spotted’

Exactly ten years ago today we reported that an Techzle reader appeared to have spotted a production version of the Alfa Romeo Kamal Concept. In the end it turned out to be an empty harbinger.

The Alfa Romeo Kamal Concept, who can still remember it? For that we have to go back quite a long way in time. The Kamal Concept was unveiled in 2003. So it was 17 years ago. It was quite a concrete preview of an SUV from the brand. Something that was unthinkable at the time. Unfortunately, as is often the case, it remained silent for a long time when it came to production plans for the Kamal. In 2008, however, the memory was refreshed again, when then CEO Luca de Meo confirmed that an Alfa Romeo SUV would come in 2010. You guessed it, it remained quiet in 2010.

Alfa Romeo Kamal Concept – 2003

Until we suddenly received photos from a reader of a car that looked almost 1 to 1 like the Kamal Concept, but was slightly different. A car that, according to the reader, was somewhat hidden in the Alfa Romeo museum in Arese. Not only was the car registered, but also used brakes and blackened exhaust ends betrayed that quite a lot had been driven with it. Especially at the rear, the car was drawn slightly differently than the concept car from 2003. The dashboard was reportedly almost completely taped. Was there a pre-production model here after all?

The simple answer: yes, it must have been. However, as we reported back then, the Kamal seemed to have died a silent death from the economic crisis. Plans for the Kamal were therefore in a corner. Because the design was already somewhat dull at that time, the ‘Kamal project’ would eventually not be picked up in the years that followed.

Exactly 10 years ago today we wrote that in 2012 a ‘C-segment SUV’ from Alfa Romeo really had to come, for which they had started with a clean slate. That eventually turned out a bit different. After all, it took until 2016 before we could welcome the Stelvio, which was one step higher in the range. We still love Alfa Romeo that compact SUV too well, although it is coming according to the latest reports.

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