macOS 14.4 issues: update is full of bugs

The latest version of macOS solves many irritations on the one hand, but on the other hand it is completely full of bugs. This is what’s going on.

MacOS 14.4 is full of bugs

Since Apple released macOS 14.4 last week, more and more bad news has emerged. USB hubs on displays would no longer work, printers would no longer work and yesterday Oracle warned about the update because it would disable Java.

There is now a rumor that macOS 14.4 contains a bug that removes file versions from iCloud Drive, which many users use for security. A similar problem seems to be happening with the Files app on the iPhone and iPad. What is going on?

macOS 14.4 issues: update is full of bugs

No particularly critical issues

We should not put too much weight on this accumulation of complaints. These are not particularly critical problems and they only occur with a few users. But that does not alter the fact that they are annoying for those involved.

Apple sometimes has to release an additional update after an extensively tested update. For example, because after the update a security hole comes to light that requires immediate action. In this case, there is probably a connection between the patching of a zero-day vulnerability in macOS 14.4 and the errors with USB, printer drivers and Java.

Rare macOS bugs are not immediately fixed

Apple does not always fix rare macOS bugs immediately, but only after a while. For example in the update to macOS 14.4.1. Apple leaves even rarer bugs, which are not really relevant to security, untouched for even longer. And that causes a lot of anger among the few people who suffer from it.

The more widespread the software is, the more often rare bugs are noticed. With about a billion active iPhones worldwide, a bug that affects just a tenth of a permille of all devices is found 100,000 times. By Macs we are ‘only’ talking about tens of millions of devices worldwide.

vision pro

Apple Vision Pro and Apple Car

When the iPhone was new, Apple brought many developers from the Mac divisions into the new iPhone divisions. As a result, MacOS X 10.5 Leopard was delayed by a year. There is now another major project: the Apple Vision Pro. Just like the first iPhone, it is far from fully developed. That is why many developers are needed, who are therefore taken elsewhere.

On that note, it may be good news that Apple has dropped another major project: Apple Car. Although of course not all Apple Car developers can be deployed on, for example, the quality management of macOS to prevent bugs. In any case, the software specialists of the Apple Car project will focus on something else that Apple has neglected in recent years: generative AI.

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