Manage Dropbox access


A Dropbox account can be linked to different devices, such as a computer and a tablet. You can then access the files without having to log in every time. If you are switching to a new device, remove the link with the old device in Dropbox.

Remove devices you no longer use from the Dropbox account. The old device will then no longer have access to the files in Dropbox. That’s so safe. Control which devices can access your Dropbox files from your computer:

  • Go to the website
  • Click on the top right To register, enter your Dropbox account email address and password in the appropriate fields and click To register.
  • The main Dropbox page opens. Click on your account photo or on the circle with your initials in the top right.
  • Click on the drop-down menu Institutions.
  • Click on the tab Security.
  • At ‘Password’ you can change the password. Below that is the ‘Two-step verification’ section. This feature allows you to set additional security in addition to your account password. Under the ‘Web Browsers’ section, see where your Dropbox account is used. At the bottom you will find the ‘Devices’ section. Scroll down a bit if necessary to view all devices.
  • The devices you are automatically signed in to with Dropbox are shown. Is there a device that you no longer use or that you do not recognize? Click on the cross to the right of the ‘Most recent activity’ heading for the relevant device.
  • In the new window click on Disconnect.

The Dropbox files can no longer just be opened on the device that has been disconnected. You must first sign in with a Dropbox account.

Also watch our video on how to manage devices within your Dropbox account.

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