Mar10 day: these are the (funniest) games with Mario on iPhone and iPad

March 10 is Mario Day and the popular plumber is then put in the spotlight by Nintendo. Also on iPhoned we are participating and that is why we show all official Mario games on the iPhone and iPad in this overview.

Mar10 day: the best Mario games on iPhone and iPad

Mar10 day was originally conceived by fans. They came on March 10, because you write the date (the American way) as mar10. MAR10 can then be read as MARIO. Nintendo didn’t like it at first, but in 2016 they took the plunge and embraced the special Mario Day. Now Mario Day comes back every year.

Super Mario Run

Nintendo has already released several games with Mario on the iPhone and iPad. A great excuse to restart all games with the famous plumber on the iPhone and iPad.

1. Mario Kart Tour

Perhaps one of the most popular games is Mario Kart. In this game you race in small cars on a track and make your opponents’ lives miserable with shields, bananas and more.

The game has been available for a while now and has received quite a bit of new content. New levels and special characters are added regularly. In addition, it is possible to race against your friends (or random players).

Mario Kart Tour

The smartphone version of this well-known Nintendo game plays nicely, with nice short races and above all a lot of things to unlock. Unfortunately, the emphasis is very much on making in-app purchases, where you don’t always know you’re getting. And that’s a shame.

2. Super Mario Run

If you take a quick look at Super Mario Run, you would almost think that you are dealing with a new entry in the New Super Mario Bros. series of games. Nintendo has used much the same graphical style for Super Mario Run. Although you only walk from left to right, the 3D style still gives you a sense of depth.

Super Mario Run

Nintendo has crammed Super Mario Run with a lot of different game modes, which is quite confusing at first. First of all, you have the adventure where Princess must rescue Peach from Bowser’s hands. In this you go through six different worlds, each of which is closed with a final boss.

In addition, you have the build your Kingdom mode in which you have to ensure that all Toads find shelter again. This part is nice, but nothing really special. The Toad race mode is a lot more entertaining. Here you can compete against your friends and other players around the world.

You will also find more challenges in Remix 10, where you play ten different short pieces from existing Super Mario Run levels in quick succession. These pieces are different every time, giving you a different challenge every time.

Super Mario Run

Other Nintendo games

There are of course many more other games from Nintendo on the iPhone and iPad. Sometimes on Mario Day you can earn special items in these games.

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