McLaren GT thanks to MSO extra special as Verdant

MSO, the department of McLaren that deals with the extra special creations, has provided the GT with a special series of external changes. It results in this Verdant Theme GT by MSO, as the car is called in full.

Less than a year ago, McLaren unveiled the more practical and comfortable GT. Despite its relatively large luggage space and relatively high weight, this is still a supercar pur sang. This reinforces MSO by hoisting the GT in an extreme jacket. The Verdant Theme GT looks nice and special with its tricolor paint. The basis is the dark green Horsell Green, which blends nicely into the lighter Arbor and the even lighter Steppe Green.

So green is clearly the theme, as the term ‘Verdant’ already says. This is also reflected in other details, such as the Napier Green painted calipers, the dark green leather details in the interior, with the lighter Laurel Green accents. Of course, the necessary MSO logos are also present, such as on the sills and the headrests. According to McLaren, to make it even more exclusive, MSO is working on the processing of cashmere in the interior. According to the brand, however, that remains ‘a very exclusive option from MSO’, due to limited availability.

Under the skin, the Verdant Theme GT has remained the same, but that is no shame. With the 620 hp biturbo V8 behind the front seats, the GT is able to shoot from a standstill to 100 km / h in 3.2 seconds. The top speed is 326 km / h. Although green is the theme of these McLaren, but with ‘green driving’ this GT clearly has little to do with it.

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