McLaren ready for Formula 1 season 2022 with MCL36

McLaren MCL36

McLaren Racing, the motorsport division of McLaren, pulls the curtain on its new Formula 1 car: the MCL36. The car broadly retains the orange and blue livery of the previous season, but differs radically in design from its predecessor, the MCL35, due to the changed rules.

The MCL36 is the car that should help McLaren back to third – or higher – of the constructors’ championship. Last year Ferrari took the unofficial title of ‘best of the rest’, while McLaren was still third among the constructors in 2020. Of course they don’t like that very much in Woking. Like the RB18, AMR22 and Haas VF-22, the MCL36 also looks slightly more rounded and has less complex aerodynamics than its predecessor. The front wing has larger endplates, the floor of the car tapers towards the rear and the rear wing is a bit more robust and rounded than before. The wheels now measure 18 inches and are fitted with hubcaps. It is also striking that despite the well-known color combination, McLaren has a completely new design for the livery.

It remains to be seen to what extent the presented form will also return in the winter tests and the start of the season. Before that time, the teams often come up with updates that can change the design of the car at a detailed level. In the back of the MCL36, just like last year, is a 1.6-litre V6 from Mercedes-AMG, which is supported by an MGU-K (kinetic energy to electricity) and MGU-H (which converts heat into electricity). That engine will run on E10 fuel like the rest of the field this year. The MCL36 is also a bit heavier than its predecessor due to the new regulations. The minimum weight increases from 752 kilos to 795 kilos.

How the cards have been shuffled this year with the new regulations remains to be seen until the season opening. In any case, McLaren will maintain its driver composition with Lando Norris (start number 4) and Daniel Ricciardo (start number 3). Norris recently even signed up until 2025, confirming McLaren’s confidence in him and vice versa. Meanwhile, something seems to be bubbling between McLaren and the Volkswagen Group for the future: it is quite conceivable that Audi will take over the team and supply the engine from 2026, when the new engine regulations come into effect. It is not yet clear whether that scenario will actually unfold. In any case, there is no deal on the table yet.

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