Meet MR-G; the highest class watches from Casio G-Shock

This year the G-Shock MR-G watches have been in existence for twenty-five years. In these 25 years, only around 200 different MR-G watches have been released in small editions. In addition to exceptional craftsmanship, design and use of materials, this determines the exclusive character of MR-G. A great moment to take a closer look at the most special but lesser-known line of the G-Shock range.

Kikuo Ibe’s dream

Casio’s chief designer Kikuo Ibe developed the first G-Shock in 1983 after breaking his late father’s beloved pocket watch. His aim was to develop a watch that could survive a fall of 10 meters, withstand 10 bar of water pressure, with a battery life of 10 years. And, as we all know, he succeeded brilliantly. G-Shock is still one of the most popular and strongest watch brands in the world.

But one thing kept nagging at Ibe; his watches with shock resistance system were made entirely of plastic. A great material, but not with eternal value like his father’s metal pocket watch.

▴ The MRG-100 from 1996

Metal G-Shock parts
▴ Development of metal G-Shock

From plastic to steel

Plastic is lightweight and easy to process, so it was used for all external components of the G-Shock. We now also know the G-Steel and the MT-G. These two G-Shock lines indeed have a metal exterior, but the interior with the protective system is still made of plastic.

Now it was Ibe’s dream to realize the same protective quality, but entirely in metal, with its higher strength. The development process was extremely challenging, but all his work ultimately produced the MRG-100 in 1996. The all-metal shock-resistant structure was made possible by a variety of technological innovations, including a shock-resistant module, bumper structure for the bezel and a rubber suspension for the back of the forged stainless steel case.

▴ GST-B100 G-Steel watch

MR-G B1000
▴ MR-G B1000

And that for a very reasonable price. A strong example from Ibe. The first MR-G models were only released in Japan and are still highly sought after by collectors. Today, MR-G watches are available all over the world.

From steel to titanium luxury with respect for Japanese craftsmanship

The development of the MR-G did not stop with the launch of an all-steel G-Shock. Over the years, the MR-G has become G-Shock’s luxury showpiece. Nowadays, watches are usually made of lightweight titanium. Additional use of special materials and constantly innovative production techniques make the MR-G truly the premium G-Shock brand.

The watches are manufactured exclusively in the Japanese Casio factory in Yamagata, where quality control is at a very high level. The few watchmakers who work there undergo at least 5 years of training before they can use the title Meister and only then are they allowed to work on this type of watch.

▴ mrg-b2000sh-shougeki-maru

▴ mrg-b2000b-1adr Kachi-iro

Advanced forging techniques are used to cast the complex shapes of the bezel, case and bracelet, and hairline and mirror surfaces are applied with intense attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Traditional craftsmanship is highly respected in Japan. This craftsmanship is honored with the MR-G line. The inspiration for the most recent editions is drawn from the history of this special country and Japanese craft masters are involved in the production of the limited editions.

▴ mrg-g2000ht-1adr Kasumi-Tsuchime

▴ mrg-b2000r-1adr Kachi-iro

MRG-B2000BS-3 Hana Basara

For example, with the MRG-B2000BS-3 Hana Basara. This unique MR-G was designed based on the concept of Hana-Basara, a term of respect used for samurai commanders who broke convention with a rebellious style that combined strength and a bold, exuberant aesthetic.

The bezel and band are made of ultra-hard Cobarion with DAT55G alloy. As with gemstones, the ring has been faceted cut by craftsman Komatsu Kazuhito to achieve a brilliant, lustrous finish. A complicated process that elevates this metal watch to a true work of art. Working with such an ultra-hard alloy is very difficult to machine, so production was limited to only a few pieces per day.

The pattern on the dial is derived from the Kusari Katabira (chainmail) woven pattern and mirror-finished components with a folding fan pattern.

Komatsu Kazuhito
▴ Komatsu Kazuhito

▴ MRG-B2000BS-3 Hana Basara

The MRG-B2000BS-3 Hana Basara is now available at Techzle.

G-Shock MR-G watches at Techzle

The MR-G watches from G-Shock are released in very limited editions and it is therefore very special that Techzle always manages to obtain a few copies for enthusiasts. We are proud of it!

Of course, we will continue to do our best to always offer you the latest and special edition G-Shocks in all price ranges. You will find all special editions and our range of MR-G on our page with special and limited G-Shocks. Or visit one of our stores to view the watch in real life. If you contact us in advance by telephone on 085 489 20 10, we will ensure that the watch is ready for you.

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