Microsoft has announced the latest developments surrounding Microsoft Copilot, with the most important announcement being that Copilot will be expanded to include the Dutch language.

Bram Veldt

Microsoft has announced new features of Microsoft Copilot, such as the latest version of Copilot Lab . Microsoft announced Microsoft Copilot Pro () on January 16 and now new updates are coming.

First, Copilot will be rolled out in March and April for 17 additional languages, including Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and Portuguese. Copilot in Excel will also be supported in Dutch, French, German, Portuguese and Italian in March. Furthermore, Copilot Lab releases new training videos and ready-to-use prompts offer. Users can also share prompts. There will also be new versions of Copilot for Teams and Outlook. In the Microsoft 356 web app, Copilot also has a feature: help me create. This feature helps users get started in suggesting the best application to perform the task. Copilot for Microsoft 365 is generally available today for education customers in CSP (communications service providers).

Copilot for Finance and Security
Microsoft also recently announced Copilot for Finance and Security:
• Finance: the latest generation of AI especially for financial employees and professionals. With this new service, Copilot helps save time by assisting with complex tasks in Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Microsoft Teams and many more Microsoft 365 applications. Read all about the most important developments in the Copilot for Finance Blog
• Security: a security-specific application that protects the data used by Copilot in a responsible manner. All information about Copilot for Security can be found on this Microsoft Security page.