More elderly people were required to undergo mandatory testing last year after dangerous driving behavior

Driving license in jeopardy

Motorist behind the wheel (ANP)

Last year, 10 percent more elderly people were subjected to a mandatory test at the CBR after dangerous driving behavior. This test should determine whether they can keep their driver’s license.

In the past year, 1,589 people over the age of 75 had to take such a driving skills test at the Central Bureau of Driving Licenses (CBR), according to new figures from that institute. It reports that A.D. This is an increase of 10 percent, because last year this happened to 1,436 people. These are elderly people who were referred by the police because there was doubt whether they were ‘in control’. This can happen after a collision or other noticeable traffic behavior. Nearly 600 of the elderly who had to go to the CBR were over 85 years old.

People are faced with a choice: hand in their driver’s license (which means they have to leave their car for the rest of their lives) or take two tests. One is a theoretical test of traffic rules, the second checks driving skills. In total, the two tests cost €400. According to the CBR, there is not really a clear explanation for the increased number of elderly people who have been referred. In any case, the number of elderly people has been increasing in the Netherlands for years, although this is less rapid than the 10 percent increase in one year.

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