More energy for the new generation of Fossil smartwatches

We have known since the mid-eighties that Fossil makes popular, high-quality, trendy watches. But what many people don’t know is that Fossil was one of the first non-tech companies to develop smartwatches. The result is already the fifth generation of Fossil touchscreen smartwatches that look just as beautiful as they are smart. The Carlyle for men and the Julianna for women.

Photo Carlyle smartwatch

Photo Julianna smartwatch
▴ Juliana

Gen5 Fossil smartwatches: faster and more memory

This fifth generation of smartwatches runs the strong and energy-efficient Snapdragon™ Wear 3100 processor from Qualcomm® with 1GB of RAM. This way your apps work faster and more stable. The storage memory is also a hefty 8 GB. Good for about 1600 songs, for example.

Thanks to the smart integration of WearOS by Google, your watch contains all the apps you need, such as Google Play, Maps, Google Pay and various Health and Fitness apps. With the new microphone for Gen5, you can activate the voice-controlled Google Assistant. Very handy. Ask for the weather forecast, set a reminder in your calendar or start a run by talking to your watch. The icing on the cake is that you can now even answer phone calls with your watch! And of course you can also install apps of your choice from the Play store.

Photo of woman talking into her Fossil smartwatch
▴ Answer phone calls or use Google Assistant

Photo of a man using a Fossil smartwatch
▴ Easy to operate even in sunlight

More energy for the new generation

But the big step forward that Fossil has taken with this generation of smartwatches, in addition to the new, energy-efficient processor, is the improved energy management function. The Achilles heel of many older smartwatches. When you use all the functions of the watch all day long, the battery is empty quite quickly. With the energy management menu of this watch you can now choose how intensively you want to use your smartwatch. This way you save energy and you don’t have to charge as often.

Choose from one of 4 modes: Daily (1 day), Extended (use for 2 days), Time Only (use for a week) or Custom.

Photo battery modes on Fossil smartwatch
▴ Choose your battery setting

Photo back Gen5 smartwatch
▴ Heart rate sensor and contact ring for charger in the back of the watch

And if you do have to charge it, it’s very easy with the included USB charger. You simply place the back of your watch on the magnetic disc – it couldn’t be easier. The battery is charged to 80% again within an hour.

Not only smart and handy, also beautiful

The new Carlyle, Julianna and also the Garrett watches contain everything you can expect from a smartwatch. From a heart rate monitor in the bottom of the watch, to GPS, NFC and Bluetooth to connect your earbuds when you go for a run. Too many to list in this article. And that for a very reasonable price for so many functions.

Girl with Fossil smartwatch

Boy with Fossil smartwatch

Not only are Carlyle and Julianna smart and handy, they’re also just plain beautiful. Place them next to an analogue Fossil watch and you will immediately see that these smartwatches are made from the same design philosophy. The elegant case, with real push buttons, is comparable to an ‘ordinary’ chronograph and gives the watch exactly that touch of retro that is so characteristic of Fossil. Only you use the buttons here to scroll through windows and menus.

Of course, the style of your smart watch can be completely adjusted to your own taste. You can choose from dozens of watch faces and download even more. With the handy ‘Easy click’ system you can change the watch strap in no time. Any 22mm Easy Click Fossil watch strap will fit. This way you can easily adjust the style of your watch to your mood, clothing or activities. Silicone for sports or chic leather for more formal occasions.

Photo alternative dial Fossil smartwatch
▴ Choose from different watch faces

Photo Easy Click watch strap
▴ Easy to change Easy Click watch straps

Fossil Gen5 smartwatches at Techzle

It is not easy to explain in words how easy these watches and the app are to install and operate. This (English) video explains everything in a nutshell.

You can view all the specifications of the Carlyle, Julianna and Garrett Gen 5 Fossil smartwatches in detail by clicking on the image of your favorite watch next to or below this article.


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