More privacy in WhatsApp with these two new features

It’s time for another WhatsApp update! With this update, your privacy on WhatsApp is much better protected. These are the new features.

WhatsApp is working on new update

Another new version of WhatsApp is available for your iPhone. The new WhatsApp update mainly focuses on your privacy, which will soon be much better protected. Earlier, WhatsApp already added important settings such as end-to-end encryption and locking various chats. You can also no longer make a screenshot of one-off photos on WhatsApp.

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Now there are two more new settings to improve privacy on WhatsApp. With the new functions you will soon have a better overview of who you can and cannot call. In addition, with the new update you can check whether you have enabled the correct privacy settings. These are the new features that should improve your privacy on WhatsApp after the update.

whatsapp privacy updates

1. Silence unknown callers

Are you often called by numbers that are not in your contact list? Then there is good news, because in the new version of WhatsApp it is possible to silence unknown callers. The feature automatically silences calls from unknown people to protect your privacy on WhatsApp. This way your number is less sensitive to unwanted advertising calls, for example.

If you receive a call from an unknown number, your phone will no longer ring if you have enabled the new feature. The call will still be visible in the Calls list, in case it was from someone you know. You will therefore receive a notification of the call in WhatsApp under Calls. To silence unknown callers on WhatsApp, follow these steps:

  1. Open ‘Whatsapp’;

  2. Go to Settings’;

  3. Choose ‘Privacy’;

  4. Tap on ‘Conversations’;

  5. Turn on Silence Unknown Callers.

whatsapp privacy

2. Privacy Check in WhatsApp

With the new WhatsApp update, it is possible to view all privacy settings in one overview. With Privacy Control, WhatsApp gives you a menu, which lists all the different options to protect your privacy. This way you can see who can contact you, which personal data is visible and what is visible in the chat.

You can find the Privacy check in WhatsApp under settings. The check will then be shown as a notification at the top of the list of settings. After you have completed the check, you have the option to click away the notification. The Privacy check is therefore mainly intended as a reminder to WhatsApp users to consciously deal with your settings, especially with regard to privacy.

whatsapp privacy

Privacy improvements immediately available on WhatsApp

The new features on WhatsApp to improve your privacy are already available. You must first update the app, the latest version of WhatsApp is currently Version 23.12.71. Once you update the app, the new privacy settings will be added automatically.

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Typically, WhatsApp releases new features for everyone within a few weeks. So you may have to wait a while. Are you curious about more news about WhatsApp? Earlier we explained how to edit already sent messages on WhatsApp. Do you want to be online on WhatsApp without anyone noticing? Read here exactly how to do that.

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