“Most motorists are not aware of tire label”

When buying new tires, the majority of motorists are not aware of the performance of those tires according to the mandatory tire label, according to research by tire manufacturer Apollo Vredestein.

That is painful, because as of May 1 there is a new (on the photo on the right) and clearer European tire label. It says just like before report how the tire performs in terms of rolling resistance, safety and noise, but more clearly and completely.

From 1 May, selling garages are also obliged to draw the attention of customers to the classification of a tire as stated on this label. If garages stick to this, a lot has changed, because the survey shows that only 44 percent of the tire-buying motorists were made aware of this during the last tire purchase.


When asked, 82 percent of this group also indicated that the choice for a replacement tire could indeed be influenced by this label in the future. This is especially true for performance in the areas of efficiency and noise. Striking: younger drivers show more confidence in the label than older drivers.

Apollo Vredestein sees the results of the research as a major challenge for government agencies and the tire sector. “These tire ratings are clearly highly valued by car owners, but too few people know about them,” said Yves Pouliquen of the company.

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