Most of the speed cameras were spotted here in 2020

This year was much quieter on the road than usual, but that did not stop the police from checking for speeders. Based on data from the Flitsmeister app, it is known where the speed cameras were most often found.

Even though we all drove less in 2020, it was possibly the year in which flash cops had the greatest chance of throwing speed demons on the coupon. After all, it was hard to drive on the quiet roads and last spring people even talked about ‘corona racers’. They appear to have run the greatest risk of being caught by a mobile speed camera in the west of the country.

With dot on number 1, the A1 is at hectometre marker 11.0. In both directions, a speed camera was passed most often in 2020 at the viaduct near Muiden. In second place is the A10 between Diemen and the Zeeburgertunnel, also here at hectometre marker 11.0. The top 3 is completed by the A13 from Rotterdam to Rijswijk, at 15.1. The only place in the top 10 that is not in the west is the N705 at Zeewolde at 4.7.

Top 10 reported safety camera locations

  1. A1 in both directions at 11.0
  2. A10 Diemen – Zeeburgertunnel at 11.0
  3. A13 Rotterdam – Rijswijk at 15.1
  4. N242 Alkmaar at 42.3
  5. N207 Nieuw-Vennep at 52.9
  6. A2 Utrecht – Amsterdam at 37.7
  7. N247 Amsterdam at 29.8
  8. N203 Uitgeest at 53.6
  9. N217 Oud-Beijerland at 11.9
  10. N705 Zeewolde at 4.7

New speed limit

This year the maximum speed during the day went down everywhere to 100 km / h. The user figures of Flitsmeister show that the average speed in the middle of the day has somewhat out of it, but that the average speed is still faster than 100 km / h for most of the day. Only in the middle of the day, between 12:00 PM. and 14:00 h. the average speed on the highway is around 100 km / h. Before and after it is above it. From 5:00 pm. the average speed quickly increases, while only after 19:00 h. the 100 km / h speed limit no longer applies everywhere. Incidentally, it is striking that after 7 pm. on average, the car is driven slightly slower than last year.

Flitsmeister average speed

Source: Flitsmeister

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