Mudmaster GWG-2000 the ultimate outdoor watch

Finally it’s here, the long-awaited update of the G-Shock Mudmaster bestseller GWG-1000; The GWG-2000. Even stronger, lighter and with unique design features for the outdoor athlete and military professionals. In three colours: black, green and sand.

▴ GWG-2000-1A1ER

▴ GWG-2000-1A5ER

▴ GWG-2000-1A3ER

What’s new about the GWG-2000?

The GWG-1000 from 2015 was not without reason the most popular bestseller from G-Shock Mudmaster, because so far it was the best Mudmaster watch available. But now there is the GWG-2000. 13 grams lighter, thinner and even stronger due to the use of carbon fibers in the housing and shock absorbers.

Forged carbon bezel

The edge of the case (bezel) is made of forged carbon fiber, a composite material used in aircraft fuselages. Carbon fiber reinforced resin is forged in a compression die at high temperature and pressure, creating strong, lightweight parts with complex shapes. These carbon fiber properties – with 500,000 individual fibers per inch – allowed the housing to be reduced in size, making it 1.9mm slimmer than the previous model.

The unique structure of the material also ensures that no two watches look the same.

The use of stainless steel for parts such as the buttons and crown not only gives the watch a unique look, but also guarantees trouble-free ease of use.

Easy to operate buttons
▴ Easy to operate buttons

Unique carbon structure
▴ Unique carbon structure

Carbon Core Guard

The carbon fiber reinforced plastic case provides strength, lightness, excellent durability and protects the movement. Sapphire glass guarantees a scratch-free view of the dial.

Ultimate ease of operation in tough conditions

Newly developed mud-resistant buttons are combined with stainless steel button tubes and a silicone cushioning material to add robustness that can withstand long-term use. Even in muddy conditions you can easily operate the watch while wearing gloves. The structured plastic strap provides grip and can be adjusted to any desired size, both under and over your clothing.

▴ Mud resistant

20 ATM water resistant
▴ 20 ATM water resistant

All the familiar G-Shock Mudmaster features

Of course, the GWG-2000 has all the familiar Mudmaster features, starting with G-Shock’s Triple-Sensor technology. Determine your position and monitor weather conditions with the one-touch barometer, altimeter and compass.

G-Shock triple sensor

Special dust, mud and water resistant buttons

These buttons are designed to be impenetrable by dust and moisture. Naturally, the GWG-2000 is 20 ATM waterproof.

6-Multiband radio controlled

Your GWG-2000 is 6-multiband radio controlled and synchronizes with one of the world’s six atomic clocks at night, even in remote areas. After you set the watch to the local time zone, it receives the appropriate radio signal and always shows the exact time. In many countries it also sets summer and winter time all by itself.

Tough Solar

You never have to worry about whether the watch battery is still charged. Thanks to the Tough-Solar technology, the battery automatically charges when the watch is exposed to a light source. Natural light and artificial light!

The hands and indexes have a fluorescent layer and light up in the dark and with 1 press of a button you activate the super illuminator lighting of the dial.

Super Illuminator
▴ Super Illuminator lighting

Neo-brite hands
▴ Hands provided with a luminous layer

Want to see the watch in action? Then watch this (English) video from

More G-Shock at Techzle

The Mudmaster watches from Casio G-Shock are among the top in outdoor watches. But even if you are not much of an outdoor athlete, you can enjoy the unique G-Shock features and techniques such as shock resistance, waterproofing and the triple sensor. At Techzle we always offer a very wide collection of G-Shock and exclusive special editions for every G-Shock enthusiast.

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