Muller responds to commotion about Spyker Services bankruptcy

There has been quite a bit of commotion around the bankruptcy of Spyker Services. CEO Victor Muller assures that a solution is being worked on. According to him, the situation is not as bad as outlined.

Earlier this week, the trustee dealing with the settlement of the bankruptcy of Spyker Services dropped the school. Opposite RTL News he opened a book about the major problems he encountered. For example, a Spyker C8 Preliator would be ‘missing’ and the aftersales subsidiary of Spyker Cars is an administrative mess.

Victor Muller, Spyker’s illustrious top man, is now also leaving RTL News hear from themselves. According to him, it is all not too bad. The administration of Spyker Services would be temporarily unavailable due to an unpaid account to Exact. That payment is in the air ‘because it is part of the settlement with the creditors’. There would also be an annual account for 2018, where the trustee stated that there was none. Muller says he has now informed the curator of this. Furthermore, according to him, Spyker would have simply paid the rent for the building in Zeewolde.

The Spyker C8 Preliator

And then there is the ‘disappeared’ C8 Preliator. According to the papers, this originally belonged to the inventory of Spyker Services, but was sold to another branch of Spyker without the corresponding amount being found at Spyker Services. Muller states that the car has not disappeared, but is simply in storage in Germany at a partner of Spyker. The amount would have been offset against loans from another branch of Spyker to Spyker Services. That same partner, Milan Morady, would also have been part of the Spyker Services problem, according to the trustee. Part of the company stock would have been bought over as a result, but payment would not have been made in full due to the fact that all goods had not yet been obtained. According to Muller, however, that company cannot be blamed, it paid nicely and that relates to another branch of Spyker: Spyker Limited.

Anyway, according to Muller, it is all a lot more nuanced and Spyker Services simply comes up with the money for the creditors. This would have been delayed due to these complexities and the corona crisis, ‘which locked the financial world for months’. Creditors are reportedly entitled to a total of around € 800,000 from Spyker Services.

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