Munsterhuis is officially ‘Ferrari Authorized Bodyshop’

Take your scratch to Hengelo

Ferrari Roma

Damage to your Ferrari? Then there is good news: Munsterhuis in Hengelo, one of the two Ferrari dealers in the Netherlands, can call itself ‘Ferrari Authorized Bodyshop’ from 1 August.

At Munsterhuis they are rightly proud of the new title, because only a limited group of bodyshops worldwide are allowed to call themselves ‘Ferrari Authorized Bodyshop’. For example, the Netherlands now has one, as does Germany, while Belgium hosts two and the United Kingdom has three.

According to Munsterhuis, a Ferrari Authorized Bodyshop is allowed to carry out ‘complex repair work’ on new and classic Ferraris after a collision. This may involve minor parking damage, but also more serious damage. To gain Ferrari’s approval, Munsterhuis had to completely renovate the existing damage department and purchase the latest equipment. A team from Hengelo also went to Italy to receive training there.

Munsterhuis was already an official Ferrari dealer and was previously allowed to call itself Ferrari Classiche Workshop, so that it can carry out Ferrari-approved restorations of classics.

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