Netgear is launching a new Wi-Fi 7 router with the Nighthawk RS300 Tri-band router that should be available to a wider audience. This Nighthawk RS300 Tri-band router should offer a safe and good WiFi network for home networks with Wi-Fi 7 at an affordable price.

Since the introduction of Netgear’s first Wi-Fi 7 products (the Nighthawk RS700 and Orbi 970), multi-gig internet speeds have become more affordable. There has also been more hardware and software, such as AR/VR headsets, AI platforms such as CoPilot+ and the new upcoming update from Microsoft, which require extremely low latency (low latency) and high data transmission speed (high throughput).
The new Netgear Nighthawk RS300 with Wi-Fi 7 responds to these current trends and needs of modern households that increasingly use online data at home at the same time. With Wi-Fi 7 you achieve 2.4 times faster speeds than Wi-Fi 6, less delays and better resistance to Wi-Fi interference. This makes it very suitable for households that want to simultaneously stream content in 4K/8K, hold online meetings, play games and much more without any problems.

Safe internet against 10 attacks per day
With the rise of Wi-Fi 7 and the rapid introduction of new generations of smartphones, laptops and other devices, the threat of IoT attacks has also increased. Home networks experience an average of 10 attacks per day, making router security crucial. Netgear routers provide additional security with automatic firmware updates and guest network protection. In addition, Netgear’s Smart Parental Controls helps parents manage children’s online time.

Key features Nighthawk RS300
Speeds up to 9.3 Gbps Tri-band Wi-Fi 7 for a smooth experience and less interference.
4x faster speeds thanks to 320MHz channels and 4K QAM.
Multi-Gig internet port 5Gbps for fast cable and fiber optic connections.
Improved performance with two 2.5Gbps and two 1Gbps LAN ports for gaming and entertainment devices.
Share files USB port for easy file sharing.
Nighthawk app for easy management of your network, including prioritizing, pausing internet, running speed tests, and setting up guest networks.

Price and availability
The Nighthawk RS300 WiFi 7 Router has a suggested retail price of €349 and is now available for pre-order via the official Netgear store. Delivery will take place next week.