New Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio prices announced

At the end of last year, Alfa Romeo gave both the Giulia and the Stelvio a model year update, a modernization round in which, among other things, the equipment levels were revised. Techzle is the first to report the prices.

The new Giulia delivery range now consists of two gasoline versions. At the bottom of the list is the 200 hp 2.0, a version that must recognize its superior in the 280 hp variant of that four-cylinder. Switching is in all cases with an eight-speed automatic. Diesel fuel is also possible with two variants of the same power source. The 2.2 JTD returns in a 160 hp and a 190 hp strong variant. The engine list of the Stelvio looks almost identical, although that SUV is not available with the 160 hp 2.2 JTD, but on the other hand with a 210 hp version of that diesel engine.


The 200 hp ‘gasoline Giulia’ has an unnamed basic version for which Alfa Romeo asks for € 41,980. The sedan is also available as € 45,980 Super and as new Sprint and TI. The latter two costs € 49,480 and € 50,980 respectively. The 280 hp Giulia is only available as a sporty Veloce and changes ownership from € 54,980. The 160 hp 2.2 JTD is only available as a Super and costs € 50,980 in that form. The 190 hp 2.2 JTD can be ordered as a Sprint and as a TI. In that case, reserve amounts of € 54,480 and € 55,980 respectively. The fierce Giulia Q is not yet on the price list, it will follow later this year.

Performance Transmission Power (HP) From price
Gasoline Giulia 8-speed aut. 200 € 41,980
Giulia Super 8-speed aut. 200 € 46,980
Giulia Sprint 8-speed aut. 200 € 49,480
Giulia TI 8-speed aut. 200 € 50,980
Giulia Veloce 8-speed aut. 280 € 54,980
Diesel Giulia Super 8-speed aut. 160 € 50,980
Giulia Sprint 8-speed aut. 190 € 54,580
Giulia TI 8-speed aut. 190 € 55,980


The 200 hp ‘gasoline Stelvio’ is also available in an unnamed version. This entry-level version costs € 57,260. Prefer the Super, Sprint or TI? Reserve amounts of € 61,260, € 64,760 and € 66,760 respectively. The 280 hp Stelvio Veloce must yield a minimum of € 69,260. The 190 hp 2.2 JTD is available as a € 62,260 Super, as a € 65,760 Sprint and as a € 67,760 TI. The 210 hp Stelvio Veloce diesel has a starting price of € 73,260. Here too, the heavy Q returns later this year.

Performance Transmission Power (HP) From price
Gasoline Stelvio 8-speed aut. 200 € 57,260
Stelvio Super 8-speed aut. 200 € 61,260
Stelvio Sprint 8-speed aut. 200 € 64,760
Stelvio TI 8-speed aut. 200 € 66,760
Stelvio Veloce 8-speed aut. 280 € 69,260
Diesel Stelvio Super 8-speed aut. 190 € 62,260
Stelvio Sprint 8-speed aut. 190 € 65,760
Stelvio TI 8-speed aut. 190 € 67,760
Stelvio Veloce 8-speed aut. 210 € 73,260


Both the Giulia and Stelvio will receive a 8.8-inch screen as standard after the model year update that is linked to the infotainment system. The display is now a touchscreen, although you can also control the system with a rotary knob. The software itself has been revised and that has the consequence, among other things, that you can now arrange certain icons and widgets yourself. Also new: extensive support through a telephone application that allows you to check the state of maintenance of the car, among other things.

Alfa Romeo uses nicer materials in the interior and brings an induction charger to the pair. The buttons on the steering wheel are arranged differently and Alfa Romeo also offers a range of safety systems in addition to new paint colors that include a roadway assistant, blind spot detection, adaptive cruise control that works together with traffic sign recognition and a traffic jam and a highway assistant.

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