New iPads from 2024 coming soon (here’s when)

Are you looking for a new iPad? Then you don’t have to wait very long anymore. According to rumors, the new iPads of 2024 are coming soon!

New iPads are coming: here’s when

Usually reliable Apple expert Mark Gurman says that new tablets from Apple will be coming soon. According to him, the new iPads will be available around May 6, 2024.

The Apple expert had more evidence for a possible launch that week. He says Apple stores will receive new marketing materials later that week. And that usually means that one or more new products will be launched.

ipad pro

According to Gurman, a total of four new iPads will arrive in 2024. These are the iPads that Apple will soon release:

  • Two new iPad Pro models with the M3 chip;
  • Two new versions of the iPad Air with an M2 chip.

In addition to new iPads, there are also some other new products coming:

  • A new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro;
  • A new Apple Pencil.

The most important improvement of the new iPad Pros is the lightning-fast M3 chip. But these top-of-the-line iPads have even more innovations. For example, they will have an OLED display, the iPads will become thinner and have narrower edges.

In addition, there will be a version with a matte screen and the camera will be moved to the long side of the tablet. There is also a chance that the iPad Pro will get MagSafe for wireless charging.

For the new iPad Air, the changes are not as significant as with the Pro models. The two iPad Air models get an M2 chip and the camera is now on the long side of the tablet. Rumors also say that a 12.9-inch iPad Air will be released.

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