New Land Rover Range Rover LWB photographed

Are you looking for as many stretching meters of English SUV as possible? Then you can turn to Rolls-Royce for a Cullinan, but for a fraction of the money you spend for that noble colossus, you can get in a Range Rover LWB. There is a new Range Rover in the barrel and that includes an extended version.

The current Ranger Rover has reached a respectable age of eight years with its birth year 2012. Land Rover is working hard on a completely new model, of which an extra long version will be available in the form of the Range Rover LWB. The latter has now appeared in front of the lens of our spy photographer.

Land Rover Range Rover LWB (2017 -)

Range Rover LWB (2017 -)

The current Range Rover, with its length of 5 meters and wheelbase of 2.92 meters, is of course already a hefty appearance, but the LWB version is still just as solid. The current LWB type is 5.2 meters long and has a wheelbase of no less than 3.12 meters. The new Range Rover does not seem to be making a huge growth spurt at its generation change, and it strongly appears that the upcoming LWB will not be extremely much bigger than the current model. The remarkably long rear door of this snapped test specimen betrays that the new Range Rover LWB is making a test drive here.

Land Rover is putting its new top SUV on a completely new platform, where the brand makes extensive use of aluminum. This Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA) base is prepared for the installation of large battery packs. The current model is already available as a plug-in hybrid and the new plug-Ranger comes up with a larger plug heart. However, a fully electric version doesn’t seem to be in the pipeline. The new Range Rover naturally benefits from Jaguar Land Rover’s latest steps in infotainment, safety systems and autonomy. Land Rover is part of the UK Autodrive project and so, given the Range Rover’s status as a top model, it is not inconceivable that Land Rover will pump the SUV full of cameras and sensors.

The new Range Rover will probably see the light of day in 2021.

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