New logo for BMW

It seems that the time has come for various major brands to introduce a new logo. BMW is the next brand that will stick a new brand logo on its products.

There is a major revolution going on in the car world, now that the switch to electric driving, for example, is getting real traction. Volkswagen felt it was necessary to reinforce the new phase with a new logo and Kia will follow this year. BMW is now in that line. Direct communication between BMW Blog and Jens Thiemer, Head of Brand Management at BMW, shows that the design is being redesigned for the complete range of the brand. In the meantime, the logo on the official BMW media channels has already been replaced by the new logo below.

BMW logo

The logo remains clearly recognizable as a BMW logo, but the changes catch the eye. The blue and white planes are simplified. The black border around it disappears. The color of the car can now be seen through it. A thicker white or chrome outer border indicates the borders of the logo. The font also changes slightly and the letters are now separate in the emblem. According to Thiemer, the change is primarily needed to keep the brand fresh and attractive in a changing world.

The attentive reader has seen this logo before. We already saw it on the Concept i4, which was unveiled earlier today. That is the first practical example of the new emblem on a brand car. This can be clearly seen on the photo below. It is still the question whether it will look exactly like this on all BMWs, but this variant seems to be ready for it anyway.

i4 Concept

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