‘New MacBook Pros get 120Hz ProMotion screens’

Apple will most likely announce new MacBook Pros on October 18. According to a new rumor, the laptops will have smooth 120Hz mini LED screens.

Rumor: New MacBook Pro gets ProMotion

The new MacBook Pros are only a few days away from us, but that doesn’t stop the rumor. According to a tweet from well-known and reliable tasty Ross Young get the new Pro laptops from Apple ProMotion screens. This means that the screens refresh themselves at a rate of 120Hz.

In addition to ProMotion, the screens will receive mini LED technology. Mini-LED screens have a dark black display and brighter colors, comparable to OLED screens. If the new rumor is true, the new MacBook Pros will have a bloated iPad Pro screen, as it were. Without the touch part, of course.

Mini LED technology is according to young ‘100 percent sure’. He doesn’t say the same about the 120Hz refresh rate. However, Apple’s recent Pro products all have 120Hz screens, except for the Pro laptops and desktops. Bee iPhoned we wouldn’t be surprised by a MacBook Pro with ProMotion.

More about the new MacBook Pros

The new MacBook Pro is expected to come in two sizes: 14-inch and 16-inch. In addition to the big screen upgrades, the laptops get a new, more angular design with flatter bezels than before. In that way, the new MacBook Pros are somewhat similar to Apple’s other recent products, such as the iPhone 13 and the iPad Pro.

MacBook Pro 2021 WWDC

In addition to a fresh design, we expect a powerful new chip: the M1X. This is the successor to the M1 chip – Apple’s first self-designed Mac chip. We expect the M1X to be a speed monster again. We’ll see exactly what Apple has in store for us on October 18 at 7:00 PM during the ‘Unleashed’ event.

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