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Every month countless new Netflix films and Netflix series appear. It is difficult to keep track of everything, so we are happy to list the best films and series that are new on Netflix. This is new on Netflix in February!

Drive to Survive season 2

With the first season of Drive to Survive, Netflix had already hit the mark. The behind-the-scenes look at the famous Formula 1 races proved to be extremely popular with bingewatching Netherlands. Of course, the participation of our own Max Verstappen will also have helped. In season 1 it was all about the dynamics in and between the teams, with the leaders Mercedes and Ferrari not participating in the series. That is different for season two! From the end of February you can also expect inside information of the stables that Lewis Hamilton and Sebastiaan Vettel have in their care.

Happy Feet

Fancy a happy change? Then Happy Feet will soon be the solution for you. In this family-friendly animation film you can admire cute dancing penguins. Here we follow the story of “Mumble”, the penguin that falls outside the boat in its trunk. It is in fact very normal that penguins are laid out musically, and each penguin has its own song. But for Mumble, all of that doesn’t work out that well: he much prefers to tap dance himself. That is not appreciated by the penguin community, and Mumble is rejected. So the little penguin goes looking for a way to express himself.


Gravity is an exciting space film with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is going on a space mission for the first time and is accompanied by experienced astronaut Matt Kowalski (George Clooney). However, a standard space walk turns into a nightmare when the shuttle is disconnected from the two astronauts. While the two astronauts are linked to each other, they drift further and further away from the Earth and from their safe space station. This makes every breath one step closer to death. Will they survive in space?

The Intern

Ben Whittaker (Robert de Niro) finds out after retirement that he is not satisfied not to do anything. Being a widower, he doesn’t want to be behind the geraniums, so he decides to apply as a trainee at a young and hip company run by Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway), a tough aunt who seems to be alone for her work life. Young and old habits and work ethics meet in this film and there is a close bond between Ben and Jules.

Better Call Saul (season 5)

Our favorite lawyer is back on Netflix with a fifth season. This Netflix original series is one of the most successful on the streaming platform. Saul Goodman delves deeper into the underworld to make himself known as a lawyer to criminals. In this case, he wants to identify himself not only as a lawyer before the criminals, but as a criminal lawyer. This naturally requires a lot of difficult situations. The fifth season can be viewed from 23 February on Netflix.

The Pharmacist

The Pharmacist is a documentary in which a local pharmacist makes every effort to find out the truth about the murder of his son. In his investigation into the murder of his son, however, the pharmacist comes across other discoveries: more and more young people are coming to his pharmacy to get opiates. They have received a prescription from the doctor for this. The pharmacist decides to take action to help the youth of his community. That of course does not go down well with the giant pharmaceutical companies.

Etarnal Sunshine or the Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine or the Spotless Mind is a classy film that you must see. In this play Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet play a couple who get to know each other and cannot stay away from each other, at least, it seems. Because what do you do when your relationship is failing and your grief is so great that you seem unable to bear it? Then you can undergo a treatment in Eternal Sunshine or the Spotless Mind where you forget all the memories of your ex. But is that person really completely out of your system?

Van Helsing

Van Helsing tells the famous story of Van Helsing, the vampire hunter. This role is played by Hugh Jackman, who goes after the vampires in a long leather jacket. The film is set in Eastern Europe (duh, vampires) and more specifically in the 19th century. So expect a lot of action with crossbows, swords and daggers. In his search for the famous Dracula, however, vampires are not the only monsters that cross the road of Gabriel van Helsing.

Evan Almighty

Evan Almighty is a hilarious comedy with Steve Carell and a follow-up to Bruce Almighty. Morgan Freeman again plays the role of God in this film. In addition, he gives Evan Baxter (Carell) the task of building an ark, because it is time for a flood again. When Evan Baxter, who has just become a congressman, starts building his gigantic boat, everything first seems to indicate that he has lost his mind. But after a while it appears that there is talk of divine intervention.

Men in Black International

In the latest edition of Men in Black, we don’t see the familiar face of Will Smith, but that of Chris Hemsworth and Liam Neeson. In addition, one of the Men in Black roles is played by Tessa Thompson, who plays the other part of the alien-fighting duo. Both actors have already played together in Thor Ragnorak, and the dynamics between the two are also one of complete bad-assery. So expect a lot of exciting action, good special effects and a healthy dose of humor in this latest addition to the MIB series.


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