New Range Rover spotted at the Dutch border

The new Land Rover Range Rover has been in the testing phase for a long time. Now the great Briton has again surfaced tightly packed near the Dutch border.

We thank Anique van Eijk very much for sending us these photos. She spotted this Range Rover (and another one in the background) just like that in a parking lot in Minderhout, just across the border in Belgium. Unfortunately, Land Rover has not dared to send the car with less camouflage since last summer. Yet the weather offers a great opportunity to take a closer look. Especially from the side it is good to see that the Range Rover has a somewhat more rounded profile than we are used to. Furthermore, you do not have to expect a major change of course in terms of design, it is expected to be a thorough evolution of the famous story. Earlier, we had our illustrator draw the new Range Rover to give you an idea.

What is a major change of course is that the Range Rover is introduced to fully electric drive. Although Jaguar Land Rover paused the development of the fully electric Jaguar XJ, that does not mean that the MLA base that was intended for this, among other things, no longer serves any purpose. The Range Rover is on it and that platform offers space for conventional powertrains as well as partial and fully electric drive. With a plug-in hybrid Range Rover – as we already know – it will not stay. We probably do not have to expect a fully electric version immediately upon introduction, but it will be in the pipeline in the longer term. Furthermore, the Range Rover is a lot lighter than now, thanks to more use of aluminum in the base. That doesn’t hurt with the electric version, which will gain weight again due to the batteries.

The question is still when the new Range Rover will finally be presented. We are cautiously betting that it happens late in this year. We expect it on the market in 2022.

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