New, wired Nest Doorbell already spotted in the store

New, wired Nest Doorbell already spotted in the store

In September, the Google Home app already leaked that a new Nest Doorbell was coming. It is a wired copy. It now appears that the smart doorbell is going fast, because it has already been seen on the store shelves.

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The new Nest Doorbell was spotted in a store of the American retail chain Best Buy. An observant fan, because the packaging is almost the same as that of the smart doorbell that works on batteries. The only difference is that it doesn’t say ‘Battery’ in the bottom left corner. So you have to be careful if you want to buy a wired copy later.

The new variant shows ‘2nd generation’ and ‘wired’ in the corner, so you know what you’re buying. A good sign, because nowadays many products no longer clearly indicate what it is. This doorbell comes in at least the colors white and dark gray and additional colors. Those extra colors are still unknown, but the battery model also had a dark green and beige variant, for example. This way your doorbell fits your door even better.

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The new Nest doorbell is made for every home. Thanks to the battery, you can install the Nest Doorbell almost anywhere in your home
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The new wired Nest Doorbell costs $ 179.99 (converted to 183 euros) and probably has a release date of tomorrow: Tuesday, October 4. This is according to the store manager. Best Buy’s POS system is preventing the purchase because this is an unreleased product. That price would be identical to the battery model and cheaper than the original Hello ($229).

The doorbell is not only the same in terms of packaging as the battery version, but also in terms of design. It is, however, a bit less high and a bit thicker, writes 9to5Google. In addition, there is a difference in software: with this camera you can view video history 24/7, compared to the event-based history. With the latter, you can only review what the camera has noticed and not just minute by minute throughout the day.

Shall we hear more on Thursday? The October 4 release date seems a bit odd considering that the Google event is scheduled for October 6. So wait and see.

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